How to Find Your Perfect Wedding Dress for Spring

Wedding dress shopping is something many people dream about for years, building up the romance and anticipation as their style and taste changes over time. It truly is one of the most fun experiences you can have when it comes to planning your wedding, aided by the fact that you’ve staked so much excitement into the event. There’s no better time for a wedding than in the spring, when it’s sunny but breezy and the colors pop. You’ve probably been planning your spring wedding long in advance, not forgetting any detail, from the flowers to the venue to the music. But what about the dress? With all that anticipation you’ve built up, it can feel a little daunting to begin your search. It’s true that there are a lot of factors to consider when looking for your perfect wedding dress but we’ve narrowed down some of the most important elements to consider that will make your search simpler. Most importantly, you want to find something that shows your style and fits with your other planned-out details, but this guide will help you choose (and show a few options we love).


Shop Sustainable Wedding Dresses 

People often think wedding dresses can’t be sustainable unless they’re sourced from a thrift store, but that myth about sustainability doesn’t fully grasp what the term means. Sustainable wedding dresses are ones that keep the good of the planet in mind; that can look like you reusing a pre-loved dress to save on fabric waste, or like finding a dress made specifically with sustainability in mind. Yes, that’s right, new wedding dresses can also be sustainable. Look for sustainable brands that prioritize their environmental footprint through their use of fabrics and their eco-conscious production practices, and that protect their workers through fair wages and safe working conditions. And of course, you can always decide to reuse or upcycle a pre-owned dress you’ve scored from a secondhand store or from a family member.

We recommend Reformation for sustainable wedding dresses that are sleek and gorgeous. Here are a few dresses sure to make you feel like a bride.


Reformation’s Aigio Dress in Ivory


Picture 1


Reformation’s Kastoria Dress in White


Picture 2


Reformation’s Gimlet Dress in Ivory


Picture 3


Reformation’s Briarwood Silk Dress

Picture 4


Give Yourself Enough Time To Look

You don’t want to buy a dress too far in advance because you risk changing your mind or your plan for your wedding’s vibe or even dramatically changing your size. While you’d probably have to buy a dress pretty early on during a long engagement to significantly struggle with any of these things, be mindful of your timeline. You want that sweet spot of giving enough time for alterations while being comfortable in the knowledge that you’ve found your dream dress and can plan everything else around it.

Consider What You Like Beforehand 

When you actually start to look at dresses, it’s astounding just how many options there are. You can narrow them down by knowing the detailing and shapes you like, but even then there are too many variations to try them all. You can help yourself out by going into your dress hunt with some favorites in mind. If you can know what silhouette you’d like to try on, the fabric you’re interested in, the frills and embellishments you love, and especially the style you’re looking for, these factors will help you narrow in on the dress that best describes you.

Bring Trusted Confidants Along 

We’ve all seen the shows and movies featuring an uncooperative, attention-stealing, and negative entourage there to “support” the bride-to-be but actually stressing her out. When it comes to picking your own shopping group, give careful consideration to who will be there for you versus who might put a damper on your special moment. You want to aim for those people who love you enough to tell you when that dress is definitely not the one but who understand when you feel beautiful in your pick and celebrate your choice.

Look Online 

Don’t just make appointments at bridal salons but also look online for wedding dresses. Even if you can’t imagine yourself choosing your wedding dress online, if you at least look you can find a wider range of options that will help steer your search. Plus, with online shopping you can order multiple dresses and try them on together just as though you were in a store, but you get more flexibility to take your time with your decision. Just make sure you’re looking at brands with return policies.

Spring weddings are gorgeous events that can be colorful and cheery or romantic and whimsical. You get a great selection of florals to choose between, the weather is lovely, and you can wear a wedding dress with sleeves, no sleeves, a full skirt, or a mini skirt, and each fits into the sunny theme of spring. But when it comes to shopping for your dress, there are other factors to consider. These guidelines for what to look for and keep in mind during your search will help you choose the perfect gown. Happy shopping!

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