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How to get more plays on soundcloud: in 5 proven ways

Soundcloud has grown to become one of the most popular online music listening destinations.

It is a well-known stage for seasoned or inexperienced vocalists who want to make good progress. We’ve had a lot of questions about how you should be eligible for our playlists, advertising opportunities, or party exhibitions – and today, we’re providing you with some answers, straight from the source. We sat down with Lisa Ellis, SoundCloud’s Global Head of Music, Artist Relations, and Label Services, to respond to this squeezing address: How does an artisan get noticed on SoundCloud? She has an amazing eye for talent and knows a thing or five about the material that stands out. Here are some of the suggestions:


  1. Stay committed.

If there’s one thing that each craftsman has in common, it’s that they’re all intensely involved with the SoundCloud people collective. Prior to becoming a Grammy-nominated hitmaker, Goldlink was a buzzing SoundCloud rapper who began interacting with producers including Ta-Ku, Kaytranada, and Lakim before releasing his first single. These partnerships helped him mesh his first shows and were instrumental in shaping him into the craftsman he is today. Don’t just move the melodies and wish for divine guidance this way. Continue to be drawn in by leaving comments, looking for potential teammates, and reposting other specialists’ work. Since real relationships are what contribute to long-term success. Before the end of the day, Soundcloud has become a local place. Continue to create exceptional and gleaming substance. That is the very best time for making rapid progress.


  1. Make use of a SoundCloud marketing company.

You’ve completed the planning and have started to generate interest on the internet. Fantastic! In any case, before you explode, you’ll need to prepare for specific numbers. Since he doesn’t have an after yet, it’s easy for a quality craftsman to get lost in the sea of every online media stage. This isn’t to say that his music isn’t good; it just means that when people see low play counts, reposts, or comments, they’re bound to make a quick decision and press Next. You can even buy soundcloud plays for your tracks.


  1. Social media will help you promote your music

You are ready to use all of the exclusive materials for influencers and supporters after you have organized them. You’ve defined your goals, identified potential milestones, and gathered data. Now is an excellent time to take to the (social) roads. As previously said, if you have the intelligence and the energy, you should be using web-based media. It doesn’t mean you should be on any of them, and it also doesn’t mean you should pick one and stick with it because it’s Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/whatever. Choose an online networking level that you’re comfortable with, but still one where your future followers are. One fantastic part of SoundCloud is how much it integrates with other online media platforms.


  1. Make exceptional songs.

It is obvious, but nothing demands our attention like anything we haven’t learned before. In these lines, the safest first approach is to see the art from any angle. If you sing, try to write on a daily basis. If you sing, try to project your voice as much as possible. If you’re a creator, strive to constantly develop your melodic, specialized, and inventive loops. Sharpen the sound until it’s fully unique and uniquely you. Simply pursue 2-5 if you’re an expert who consistently delivers great beats, and you’ll be on our radars. Do you want confirmation? Lil Tecca is a prime example of how putting music first will help stop people in their tracks. Your track is almost over. You put in a lot of time and effort into it. You’re now happy with how it sounds and think it’s ready for the future. Then you hit the sharing button and sit back, waiting for certain plays. It’s a smash! The song is getting a lot of positive attention, and people seem to enjoy it. You realize a few days later that your melody needs a slight tweak. Maybe someone you admire remarked and revealed to you a hot tip on the best way to help the bass. Alternatively, you could have dominated it and require the dominated type on your SoundCloud. However, once you take it offline, you will miss all of those plays, likes, and serious feedback.


  1. Access the data

If you want to reach people in a certain area, you go to that area and look around. When you’re on the internet, things get a lot more complicated – and this is where research and facts come in handy. Going Pro is the most convenient way to get details on SoundCloud. SoundCloud limits the sharing of free records and does not give specialists access to any content. That changes with Pro, since you get more transfer time as well as usage and traffic data. If you can afford the $7 or $15 fee, this is one of the most straightforward ways to gather audience info. If you don’t want to pay for SoundCloud genius, or if you’re just looking for some way to get results, you can usually use the investigative dashboards of YouTube or Google Analytics.




If you create great music that is uniquely yours, use SoundCloud’s tools to promote yourself, and work hard to find your fans and build your image – it’s only a matter of time until you’re noticed. You can be dynamic if you want to increase your popularity on SoundCloud. One important activity is to share the melodies of the specialists you admire. The more you rest the songs of other prestigious producers, the more you gain the confidence of your fans and pull in a new audience.

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