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How to treat your best friend to a birthday to remember

If you don’t like all the attention that comes along with your own birthday, maybe you’re the kind of person that prefers to organise a special day for someone else?

Sending a text, posting a message on Facebook or even worse, forgetting – your BFF is worth so much more than that so here are a few ways you can properly spoil them on their big day.

Wind the clock back

Go retro and theme a party or day out all about your childhood, or where you first met. Will it be a McDonald’s kids party or a freshers-style fling? If it’s the latter, you might need to remember that hangovers are now a thing in your life…

Get the right card

Make it personal with pictures or a special message from you. Card Factory offers you endless personalisation options so you can make the perfect card just for them. You can make it as soppy or as much of a stitch-up as you desire.

Kick back and relax

If they’re a hard-worker and starting to stress out, why not treat them to a spa day. A spot of wellness and beauty treatment followed by find dining? They’ll be back to their human self in no time.

Hit the road

It might be a day out to the beach, a trip into the city, an outing in the countryside, or hire a party bus traveling to Tucson. If they’ve got a particular favourite spot, take them there using Orlando Limo Service.

Let them eat cake

It’s not a birthday without the cake, so make sure you push the boat out and make it a special one. This is another product that can be heavily personalised, with their name, age (be kind) and even special surprises like sparklers.

Keep it a surprise

If they’re the kind of person who likes a surprise, keep your plans under your hat and make it something to remember. Chat to other friends or their partner/spouse to find out what they’ve been craving lately – a trip to the movies, a shopping spree, or whatever.

Get the whole crew together

Put the hard yards in your social media and make it a proper get-together with a crowd of all your friends. This could be particularly memorable if you’re uni friends that have gone off on your separate ways over the years.

Secure a special shoutout

Have they got a favourite celebrity? Why not check out platforms like Cameo to see if you could get them to give your bestie a special birthday shoutout!

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