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KANDA – Bottom Of The Bottle

KANDA takes us to the Bottom Of The Bottle in his new single.

The latest track by the vocal powerhouse is one of reflection as KANDA takes listeners on a personal and vulnerable journey as he explores his own struggles with mental health and what it feels like to feel lonely despite being surrounded by others. “This song is all about the emotion of isolation despite being surrounded by company,” KANDA explains when asked about the track. “It should be interpreted as a constant reminder to think of others and to check up on your friends and family. Sometimes it’s not always apparent what others are going through and truly feel, so I decided to express this in a chill, relaxing song.”

Despite only being 18, the Coventry-born and London-based artist has garnered support across the industry and fans alike with over 400k streams. The song is the embodiment of what KANDA has become known for — crafting atmospheric and deft songs that blend together a mix of genres while still keeping his compelling lyricism and vocal capability at the forefront. He speaks further on Bottom Of The Bottle, stating I wanted to create something similar to one of my previous singles ‘IHGYN’, whereby the song is not just a melody and a rhythm but more so a message to those suffering and those who sometimes struggle to acknowledge the struggle of others. Also, although the song is heavily situated around alcohol, the depressed emotions and expressions throughout the song and video are intentionally indicating that dialogue with others, is a much more ethical way to approach these problems as opposed to drinking alcohol and living the same day on repeat. It’s hard to speak out to others, but it is also the best way to move towards a healthier and happier state.”

Bottom Of The Bottle is out now. 

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