Loupe – Do You Ever Wonder What Comes Next?

Indie rock outfit Loupe unveil their debut album that poses one integral question: Do You Ever Wonder What Comes Next?

Whether it’s being plagued by climate change or dealing with the intricacies of online dating and performing for others, growing up as a youth is more difficult than ever. Indie rock group Loupe explore all aspects of this journey on their debut record, Do You Ever Wonder What Comes Next?

The album was crafted around what Julia, lead singer and lyricist, calls the “heat of the hustle and bustle” when attempting to morph oneself to a new environment. “For me it was all a kind of transition, with ‘on the one hand ‘the new life and all the cool things that come with it,” she explains. “And on the other hand, the uncertainty of being alone in the big city and the adult world.”

Julia, along with Jasmine on guitar, Lana on bass and Annemarie van der Born on drums, worked with producer Arne van Petegem and mixer Beau Sorenson on the album, showcasing their artistry through emotive lyrics seamlessly paired with soaring sonics. Across the 13 tracks, the four demonstrate their lively and energetic perspective on music — something that will be easy to see when they hit the road on their UK tour later this year. 

Do You Ever Wonder What Comes Next? is out now.

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