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Modelones collaborate Cioccolato at Swim Miami Fashion Week 2023 

Modelones collaborate Cioccolato’s show at the Swim Miami Fashion Week is a well-known event all over the world, and it gives new brands and designers a great chance to make a splash in the world of swimwear and vacation wear.

The opportunity presented by Swim Miami Fashion Week, a world-renowned event, is important for up-and-coming businesses and designers to create a statement in the world of swim and resort wear. The event’s clout has allowed it to serve as a conduit between these up-and-coming artists and authoritative sources like “Miami Guide,” “WWD,” “Forbes,” and “Cosmopolitan.” An important new relationship has emerged as the fashion industry eagerly awaits this year’s event: the pioneering professional nail brand Modelones has teamed up with the illustrious Miami design firm Cioccolato Couture.

The first Modelones product we’ve been using is their 8-in-1 Builder Nail Gel Set, which includes one clear gel paint and five lovely nudes. The polishes are versatile and stand out from standard gel nail polishes. Nail adhesive gel, rhinestone gel, extension gel, base coat, regular colour gel, apex building and nail shaping are just some of the other ways these multi-purpose products can be put to use. Since they simply require a single layer of application and no primer, they’re incredibly practical. In addition to looking great, gel products have the added benefit of strengthening your nails, which is especially useful because many nail paints leave your nails weak and brittle.

The Modelones 8W Mini Finger LED/UV Nail Meow Lamp is a tiny yet effective tool that we’ve been using to maintain my nails. This compact and lightweight light provides adequate illumination without weighing you down. It has two timed settings and bakes nails to perfection. It’s great if you do a lot of travelling and always want to be able to fix your nails no matter where you are. It has a USB cable, so you can use it while working on your computer, riding the tube, or doing whatever else you can think of while you’re doing your nails.


Picture 2
This small and adorable Modelones 8W UV/LED Nail Lamp is ideal for curing UV/LED gels, PolyGels, gel nail paint, acrylic nails, and builder gel at a low temperature. This compact nail drier features a dual-source lamp bead design, with four square lamp beads that emit light at 365 and 405 nanometers (nm), generate little heat, and are safe for the eyes. Gel nail polishes, PolyGels, builder gels, and other light-cured manicure treatments can be cured and hardened with the help of these UV LED beads, which emit a harmless mild light.



This Modelones 8W nail lamp has its own adorable, little illustrated style. It’s lightweight and small enough to fit in your purse, making it ideal for travel. • The lamp is about 50 mm (1.97 inches) squared by 88.5 mm (3.48 inches) tall. • Comes with its own USB cable; simply plug in to use. You may use this anywhere you have access to electricity, be it a standard wall outlet, a laptop, or a portable battery pack.



Manicures and full sets may be done in as little as 60s curing each nail thanks to the design of its 4 lamp beads, which are well-placed to dry a variety of gels and colours. Making it easy and quick so you don’t have to wait around is a top priority. All soft-press or ‘halfway’ touches on the lamp switch are deemed invalid, making it safe to use even when you’re not paying full attention.

  • All UV gel, extension gel, and LED gel cure in a flash.
  • Our lightweight, compact nail dryer is designed for your comfort.



lamp features its own USB and Type-C charging ports design, allowing it to be powered by any device with a USB port, including laptops/notebooks/PCs, power banks, and more. It can be set up and used in a matter of seconds, making it perfect for use at home, in the salon, on the go, and elsewhere. Anywhere you have access to a nail.



The UV nail. lamp may be used anywhere, as it is compact and has a lightweight design. perfect for your own use, and a thoughtful present for anyone who enjoys nail art. The ideal complement to your existing do-it-yourself nail kit or collection.

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