Netflix Movies to take you through the Holiday Season

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The holidays are, if not, the favourite time of the year for everyone. Like, who isn’t looking forward to spending time with family and friends?

After a long hard year of working and trying to make a living, we all want to relax, be taken care of by our loved ones, and do things we feel like doing at our own leisure and time. For some it might be spending time off work with family, others playing games at truebluecasinos in the comfort of their own homes whilst watching a movie. Well, the narrative might be a little different this year. 2020 was supposed to be ‘the golden year’ but no one bargained for the hurdles it brought along. It’s no news that movement was restricted all over the world due to the pandemic. However, thanks to Netflix Inc. people across the world were kept entertained in quarantine. As of October 2020, Netflix was recorded to have over 195 million paid subscriptions worldwide, and about 73 million in the United States. This reason is not far-fetched as Netflix provides people with great movies of diverse genres, documentaries/series, and even animation for kids.

The situation hasn’t really changed much as countries across the world are still taking precautions against the pandemic. Consequently, not everyone might get to be in the same space to do fun things with family. If unfortunately, you can’t do this,  cheer up. You can definitely make up for it by entertaining yourself and whomever you get to spend the holidays with good movies on the Netflix platform. Luckily, Netflix is available in almost every country of the world, and with just a subscription, you can get yourself premium entertainment right in your comfort zone! For the holidays, there have currently been new releases of Christmas themed originals from the platform. Isn’t a warm cocktail, dessert, and one curled up on the sofa with a movie playing one of the best forms of entertainment during the festive season?

Here are some recommendations for you!


The Knight Before Christmas

‘Brooke’, a school teacher who unknowingly befriends a knight of the medieval era, banished to present-day Christmas time by a sorceress. They develop a connection and the knight faces the dilemma of searching for a solution to return or stay in the modern world. Featuring the popular ‘High School Musical’ star, Vanessa Hudgens, this is definitely one to watch.


Bad Moms Christmas

Three friends who are also moms term themselves to be ‘badass’ and ‘wild’ and they sure live up to it. However, life takes an interesting turn when their own moms visit for Christmas. Watch this to find out about ‘the moms’ who made the ‘bad moms’.


Christmas on the Square

Gracing our screens in this movie is the evergreen classical music legend, Dolly Parton. A craven Businesswoman, Christine Baranski, is bent on evicting a whole town ahead of Christmas. Contrary to her plans, the villain experiences a redemption she wasn’t expecting! Go find out!


The Christmas Chronicles II

This sequel to ‘The Christmas Chronicles’ has the plot to keep you blissfully entertained for the holidays. Played by real-life couple Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell, Mr. and Mrs. Santa alongside the mythological character ‘Belsnickel’ definitely pulled off this beautiful story. You might want to check out the prequel to get the full story.


The Princess Switch: Switched Again

Were you wowed about how superstar Vanessa Hudgens pulled off playing two characters in the prequel ‘The Princess Switch’? Wait till you see a third lookalike, as a blonde, party-lover Fiona shows up to heat things up. This comical, but romantic movie is just the perfect sequel to a Christmas royal love story.


Jingle Jangle

Although it received little or no attention on November 13th when it premiered on Netflix, Jingle Jangle shot up to No 1 a couple of days later. This Netflix original is featuring Phylicia Rashad and Forest Whitaker is what you’d call a beautiful musical Christmas movie. The granddaughter of an unconventional toymaker embarks on a mission to recover his invention stolen by his apprentice. If you are a lover of good music as well, get ready to listen to some beautiful rhythms written by John Legend.

Now’s the time to get your popcorn, juice and deserts ready to entertain yourself with these amazing movies this holiday. The best part of it all is that Netflix constantly adds to its lineup of movies. Enjoy these recommended 6 and knock yourself out with many more!

Happy Holidays!


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