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Ranking the Best Las Vegas Residences in 2023

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Las Vegas has 60 major casinos, half of which are located on the strip. Each resort wants to be the hottest place in Nevada—no pun intended. They’re always competing for attention.

Perhaps there’s no better way to attract customers to a casino than to host the best musicians in the world. In 2023, below are the best artists booked to perform in Sin City.


Maroon 5 at Park MGM

Earlier this year, Maroon 5 partnered with MGM Grand, to deliver a one-of-a-kind music experience. The residency started in March and will take place occasionally until August. The show will be sponsored by Dolby Atmos—the sound enhancement company.

Similar to Adele, Maroon 5 signed a 20-song set list for each night they perform at Park MGM. That includes hits like “Payphone,” “Moves Like Jagger” and “

Girls Like You.”

Maroon 5’s partnership with Dolby Atmos has been a success so far. The sound company makes the band’s music feel more profound and immersive. On the other hand, Adam Levine and his peers have been delivering outstanding shows every time they step on stage since March.


Usher at MGM Grand

MGM Grand keeps growing bigger and bigger. It started in Las Vegas and now has branches all over the country. According to this guide by, MGM is also one of the fastest-growing online gambling sites in the US.

MGM Grand develops its brand by always keeping up with trends. That includes hosting musicians from all backgrounds, including R&B superstars like Usher Raymond.

Usher joined hands with MGM last year after a hugely popular residency at the Colosseum in 2021. This year, the “Let It Burn” hitmaker returned to Park MGM with a residency that will run 25 shows between March and July.

Usher will receive the same sound-system assistance Maroon 5 has been receiving from the folks at Dolby Atmos. So, when you drive down to the strip to listen to his hits, you should expect nothing but a transcendent musical experience.


Adele at Caesars Palace

Adele inked a deal to perform for 34 weeks at the Colosseum in Caesars Palace in November last year. Since then, the Grammy Award winner has been delivering stunning performances month after month.

While the “Rolling in the Deep” hitmaker has admitted to being anxious on stage in the past, she’s now more confident than ever. Not only does she electrify the stage with her high notes, but she also keeps her fans engaged with banter.

A case in point: she recently caused social media stir after asking her fans mid-performance if they would ever get into the Titan submersible if money were not a problem. To be fair, the British singer had said her June shows would be included in a film, so she was probably trying to make the upcoming movie interesting.


Katy Perry at Resorts World

Ever since Katy Perry starred in the 2015 Super Bowl halftime show, she’s been in great demand in Las Vegas. Unfortunately, 2023 will be her last residency at the Resorts World Theater.

The “Dark Horse” hitmaker plans to go back on tour once her 2023 residency ends. That’s why her shows have been selling out so fast this year. Perry delivers larger-than-life performances.

She’s been working with famous residency producer Baz Halpin to create experiences most people will own see once. Dubbed Play, the performance is themed around “Perry Playland” and contains talking animated household items.

If you haven’t had the chance to attend a Katy Perry show yet, buy your tickets before the show sells out. Her last performance will be on November 4. After that, she might not be coming back to Las Vegas for a few years.


Carrie Underwood at Resorts World

In 2021, Carrie Underwood made her debut in Las Vegas with a 90-minute, prop-filled show at Resorts World. Two years later, the famous country-music artist is still performing at the same venue.

Underwood is arguably the most famous female country artist in the country. She has the highest number of followers of any country musician. On Facebook and Twitter, she has more fans than any other female artist.

Unsurprisingly, her fans love her. They’ve been driving to Resorts World in droves throughout this year. Some go to Vegas just to listen to her angelic voice. Others want to see her supporting cast of acrobats, pyro technicians, and dancers.

The Carrie Underwood Las Vegas experience started in June and will run until December 1. Considering Carrie has been working with Resorts World for three years now—and she loves the place—she will probably return for another residency next year.


Luke Bryan at Resorts World Theater

Resorts World loves country fans. That’s why it keeps bringing the best country artists into the desert. Besides Carrie Underwood, the famous casino also booked Luke Bryan for a series of shows between February and September this year.

Luke had a blast in 2022 with most of his shows selling out weeks before his appearance. Expectedly, the “Drink a Beer” singer extended his contract with Resorts World for another year.

Similar to Underwood, Bryan is a fan of Resorts World’s stage. He believes it gives artists a platform to express their creativity. It also allows them to connect with almost every fan thanks to its long, 50-ft catwalk runway.


Kelly Clarkson at Planet Hollywood

Kelly Clarkson is one of the busiest pop stars in the country. Between her show, her gig on The Voice, and other commitments, Clarkson will only perform 10 times in Las Vegas this year.

The season one winner of American Idol will perform at the Bakkt Theater between July and August, so buy your tickets early. Clarkson says she will go on tour after her short residency at Planet Hollywood. As such, don’t worry if you can’t make it to Vegas this summer.


Honorable Mentions

Many of America’s favorite musicians will perform in Las Vegas throughout 2023. Some of the biggest names you should know include Keith Urban, Bruno Mars, and Miranda Lambert. Additional shows and acts worth watching include Lionel Richie, Santana, Rod Stewart, and Billy Idol.


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