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Sarah and The Sundays – Vices

Sarah & The Sundays return with the musically rich & emotive track "Vices" ahead of their new album "The Living End."

Fresh off their 1883 playlist takeover & the release of their EP earlier this year, Sarah and The Sundays return with the rich & emotive track “Vices” ahead of their new album “The Living End.”

It takes a good band to make catchy music, but it takes a great band to bring a new taste to a genre & indie-rock group Sarah and the Sundays continues to do just that with their latest release “Vices,” the first track from their forthcoming album “The Living End” out October 15th. “Vices” is an insight into the band’s progression and development since their EP. Speaking on the track, the band describes Vices as “the result of our first ever visit to a studio. It’s a song about loss, growth, and change overall. We hope listeners relate to the universal feeling of life’s evolution and find meaning in the feelings we expressed about such change.”



Infectious & invigorating and bright & liberating, the track is brimming with euphoric vibrations and blended with succinct, lyricism that every 20-something can completely relate to — especially with lyrics like “I’ve thrown my vices to the wind/I’m better than I was/I’ve been in crisis since the crib/I’ve been painfully impulsive/But ambitious/Only life’s/Repetitious/As it is.”

Check out “Vices” now and follow Sarah and the Sundays at @sarahandthesundays

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