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Sober Tips For Recovery Addicts During A Pandemic

Being able to take a step and deciding to get over an addiction takes a lot of strength and courage.

Choosing to undergo rehabilitation, turning your back on a life you’ve become accustomed to, and letting go of something you’ve desperately relied on for a long time demands not just physical strength but also great drive and commitment.

If you’re recovering from alcohol addiction, you’ve probably checked in at least once for alcohol rehabilitation services. Nothing is more familiar with your path than you. You understand what is required to get to where you are now. To not squander any of these efforts, especially at this challenging period, it is critical to remember why you began and to work hard to go forward. Without looking back at the enticingly awful past, you so desperately want to forget. Visit for more alcohol abuse information.

Here are some helpful ideas to help you stay sober throughout this pandemic.


Avoid things that would remind you about your old routine. 

This is especially applicable when you’re stuck in a place that surrounds you with your old habits. People with whom you used to engage in the same destructive habits, the presence of alcohol within reach, and other activities that may entice you.

When you continue to do what rehab facilitators told you to but still hang out with the same people, doing the same behavior, all your efforts would just disappear into thin air. You might do well inside the facility, but during a pandemic, when you’re told to stay home, the temptation can be very high. The key to change is always in your hands.

This might mean starting over, but there are just things we need to leave behind for us to march forward without heavy loads on our backs. It would feel unusual, but once you decide to go for it, you’ll eventually get used to it.


Focus more on maintaining and improving your health

Doing activities that would enhance your physical and mental health would help you get distracted from the temptation of drinking. Spending time for physical exercises can improve your body and would make you not think of relapsing. When you can see physical results, you will desire to maintain your body and avoid substances like alcohol that could ruin the body you worked hard for.

Meditation and other mental exercises might also help you enhance your resolve to get sober. When you begin to build self-awareness through these activities, you will see and appreciate things you previously ignored.

There are several physical and mental workout aids available to assist you in reaching your targets. You simply need to find the ones that are good and convenient for you. Those in which you feel most at ease.


Create a monthly planner

There might not be much to do because of the restriction due to this pandemic, but you can put small goals in your planner like washing the clothes, taking your dog for a walk, or taking an early morning run. These things might be small, but it will feel rewarding once you accomplish them on time.

To motivate yourself and to take your mind off of relapsing, you can reward yourself with a small treat whenever you finish a task on your planner. You might want to watch your favorite movie or anything else you want to do other than drinking.

When you devote your mind to it, nothing will be unattainable. People believe that the first step is usually the most difficult. So all you need is to take a small move from where you currently are. If you can overcome it, you will start to see everything as an easy obstacle course.

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