Sports Tourism: World’s Best Destinations for Sports Fans



Sports fanatics never miss out on activities related to sports. Whether it’s eating their favorite players’ favorite food or watching the past match reruns, their to-do list always has something sports related.

Not only that, these fanatics even indulge in sports betting. They are the reason why the demand for NFL odds has taken a toll lately. By interpreting the NFL lines, most wagerers place their best bets!

Besides these activities, sports fanatics are also big-time travelers. They never miss a trip to sports-oriented destinations. If you want to know about the must-travel destination for sports lovers, then here’s the list:



London is heaven for football lovers! With about 13 international teams, there is no doubt that you will be able to witness the football fever throughout the city. In fact, the best time to visit London would be during famous football tournaments, as the vibe in the stadium isn’t worth missing.

Besides football, London is also worth visiting for cricket, tennis, and basketball fans. For basketball and tennis, you can also visit Istanbul, where east meets west.


Besides the mesmerizing beauty and the iconic Tokyo imperial palace, Tokyo is worth visiting for its baseball craze. The fan following of baseball in Tokyo is quite high, and you would see the locals taking part in the game. Other than baseball, Tokyo is also famous for martial arts, sumo wrestling, tennis, and golf.


Speaking of sports, we certainly can’t forget about Madrid or Spain, in general, as it’s home to many renowned football players. You can visit Madrid during El Classico, as it will be a great time to witness iconic football matches, including one between the solid contenders Real Madrid and FC Barcelona.

Besides football, you can also enjoy other sports in Madrid, including tennis, basketball, water sports, and handball.


If you are a real ice hockey fan and planning on a vacay in the US, you should definitely go to Boston. Boston houses the ice hockey leading team, i.e., Boston Bruins, who have bagged 6 Stanley Cups and 2 O’Brien cups for NHL Championship runner-up.

Besides hockey, Boston is also known for its basketball and football fever. The city has leading teams (Boston Celtics and New England Patriots) in both sports types.


If you haven’t visited any of these above-listed places yet, then it’s worth visiting! The enthusiasm and sporty vibes of these areas would encourage you to pay many re-visits.




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