Bucket-list sights in Europe’s larger cities



Are you planning an upcoming trip to the European continent, but need some inspiration for absolute must-dos? Well, you’ve come to the right page. Europe’s big cities offer so much diversity and amazing experiences, which you will be able to see for yourself soon enough. Here in this mini guide, we have highlighted some fun activities and sights for you.

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Wander around the beautiful city of Budapest

One of the cities you should consider visiting while traveling around Europe is Budapest. The city has so much to offer, and you can be sure not to get bored. The capital of Hungary is known for many things, but especially the beautiful parliament building is famous. Other places to visit are the famous Szechenyi Spa Baths, Buda Castle, and The Chain Bridge.


Get lost in Lisbon

Portugal has so much to offer, no matter where you go. But the capital of the country Lisbon is an absolute must-see. The beauty of the buildings and the trams are just magnificent. Make sure you check out Torre de Belém which is one of the city’s landmarks. Another cool place to visit is Time Out Market, where you can wine and dine at a street food-looking venue. For a quirkier market experience, visit LX Factory.


Get the feel of Scandinavia in Stockholm

The Scandinavian countries should be on your travel list at least once in your life. Stockholm, which is the capital of Sweden, is a bustling city with lots of great things to do and see. A visit to Gamla Stan, which is an old part of the city, is a true adventure. Enjoy delicious food, have a coffee, and wander around while admiring the beautiful old architecture. In Stockholm, you should also pay a visit to the well-known Vasa Museum if you’re into boats or find your artsy mood at the Modern Art Museum.               


Other must-sees in Europe

There are so many great cities with cool and different things to do and see. Some other cities and sights worth considering, are the following:


  • Krakow, Poland – Wawel Castle
  • Paris, France – Rue Dénoyez
  • Barcelona, Spain – Casa Batlló
  • Rotterdam, Netherlands – Markthal Rotterdam.


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