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Summer Hair Care Guide for Wigs

Everyone knows they should take care of their wigs, but some people don’t consider changes concerning the weather.

The following are a few things you can do to take care of your wigs during the summer.


UV Protection

Those who invest in good wigs want to know how long do wigs last, and that makes sense. You invest a significant amount of cash in high-quality wigs, but that investment could go down the drain because you didn’t take UV rays seriously.

For some reason, most people don’t worry about their hair when they go outside into the sun. Folks put sunscreen on their skin because they know the sun can damage the skin, but they don’t consider their hair.

UV rays can damage your natural hair and wig if you don’t take the right steps. Most people simply spray a little UV protection on their hair, which does the trick. A good spray adds a little shine to your hair.

This is not the only option you have though. If you don’t want to worry about how long wigs last, then go ahead and simply wear a hat. There are summer hats that won’t feel overwhelming and will give you all the shade you need. If you don’t like hats, then a good scarf will do.

UV protection doesn’t stop there. It continues when you get home. Some folks have a habit of placing their wigs in plain sight. This makes sense because you probably want easy access, but you may be exposing your wig to sunlight. This is not a good idea for those wondering how long do wigs last. Store your wig in a dark place to keep it safe.


Keep It Moisturized

You probably know how important it is to moisturize your skin, especially in the summer. If you fail to do so, you’ll end up with dry skin, and that’s something no one wants. Summer’s heat sucks moisture from your skin, but it also does the same thing to your hair and wig.

Yes, part of the reason your wig has that flow and beauty is because of moisture. Some wigs users don’t pay much attention to this and let their wigs get dry. The wig could lose luster and life if it is neglected for some time. If you are worried about how long do wigs last, then this is definitely something you should for your wigs.

You’ll have to use a dry conditioning spray on your wig when you feel it’s necessary. This will give the wig all the moisture it needs. Moisture is going to make the hair like silk and give it that bounce you expect from your wig. There are a few types of dry conditioner sprays, so make sure you choose a high-quality option. You can check out a few beauty stores to see what options are available.

A low-quality moisturizer is going to leave residue behind, which is not good. If you are going to be using a hair conditioner on your wig, be sure to follow the directions on the container. A conditioner can easily damage your hair with enough time. Some folks actually end up with tangles they can’t get out. You want to put on the conditioner like you’re supposed to, but rinse it off after the product does its work for you. 

These are some things you need to keep in mind if you are going to be using a wig during the summer. If you have additional questions, then consider talking to your hair specialist to see if there are other steps you should take.

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