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Superstitions Around the World: Cultural Diversity in Casino Beliefs

Being superstitious is human nature. The interesting part is that no modernization or technology has eradicated this. It is rampant globally, and each region has a few unique and a dozen of widely spread beliefs. While there are skeptical people, many still let superstitions guide their actions. Since many gambling games are based on luck, tons of beliefs were specifically created for it.

There are two parts to this: the good and the bad. So, if you visit a brick-and-mortar location or decide to access casino games after entering your 7Slots Casino login, the same superstitious rules apply. You’ll be shocked to learn that an average punter is even more superstitious than a regular person. They keep some of the beliefs in mind to help boost their gameplay. Others are kept in memory to rid themselves of bad luck on the casino floor.

Different Casino Superstitions Across Cultures

It is important to note that superstitions have become more than just beliefs. They have metamorphosed into habits. In that, gamers can’t do without considering them when playing at an online casino or in an onsite house. In this light, let’s look at some strange gambling superstitions that have been gaining momentum around the globe.


These people are a superstitious bunch. There are many beliefs in the context of casinos that are quite popular among gamblers here. While some of them are good, others are not so much.

These are various superstitions that they strictly adhere to when gambling. However, we are going to discuss only the most popular of them:

  • Books stans for negative: There is a belief that reading a book near gamblers can make them lose. The idea stems from the fact that the word for lose in Chinese (shū) sounds like the word for book (shīqù). Therefore, many players link this together and seem convinced there is a link;
  • Red stands for positive: The color red is considered a lucky charm. Punters consider red a hue for good luck and fortune. So, many punters often wear something of this color while they visit gambling establishments. They often wear red shoes, clothes, and even underwear. These people also bet on red on the roulette wheel;
  • Numbers stand for ambivalence: 2, 3, 6, and 8 are lucky numbers in China. The number 4 is considered bad luck because the Chinese term for it (Si) sounds like the term for death (Siwang).


In this part of the world, itchy hands are considered a sign of luck. So, according to players from here, an itchy left palm indicates the possibility of hitting a jackpot. On the other hand, an itchy right palm indicates a potential loss of the round they’re currently playing.

United Kingdom

Whistling is another superstitious belief that brings bad luck. British sailors believed whistling attracted dangerous, strong winds while on the sea. Regardless of this as a superstition, it is an annoying trait that can cause distractions. In this case, you might be asked to leave the table if other players are not pleased. Not being able to complete your game round is definitely bad luck.

The US

$50 bills are believed to bring bad luck. This stems from when the mafia in the US buried their victims in the Nevada desert. They would always place a $50 bill in the victim’s pocket. As a result, gamblers began associating it with bad luck.

Additionally, accessing a casino from the main entrance is considered a bad omen by some punters. This belief originated from the MGM Casino in Las Vegas. This establishment originally had a huge door that resembled a lion’s mouth (Leo, the lion — the popular mascot of the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer). Most players believed that this signified walking into the mouth of the beast. This didn’t give a good impression. Therefore, they preferred to use the side entrance instead.

Although MGM changed the front entrance design, the superstition stuck. Today, many players still use the side or back entrances of casinos to prevent losing all their money.

Embrace Skills, Not Superstitions!

While it is great to be cautious, banking entirely on superstitions is not a safe bet. This is because it does not physically impact whether you win or lose. It is just a psychological effect caused by the influence of your culture. For better chances of winning, brush up your skills and be aware of the gameplay. While there is no harm in wearing your lucky color, you need to come to speed on the strategies you can use to beat the odds.

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