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Review: SEVENTEEN ‘BE THE SUN’ Live in Newark

If you’re lucky enough to attend a Seventeen concert at any point in your life, be prepared to get to grips with a lot of inside jokes fast. The 13-member group wrapped up their North American Be The Sun tour with a final date at Newark’s Prudential Centre on September 6th, and as well as […]


It’s not every day you see SEVENTEEN’s laconic Woozi cry. Introverted by nature, the songwriter, main producer, and vocal leader—all rolled into one—tends to play the straight man to the K-pop group’s more boisterous personalities, making the odd flashes of vulnerability all the more poignant. One moment immediately comes to mind from 2015’s Sisyphean Seventeen […]


Thirteen multi-talented artists. Three dynamic sub-units. One internationally renowned K-pop boy band that churns out hit after hit––and has a hand (well, thirteen hands) in every element of content creation, from choreography to songwriting. This is SEVENTEEN.   The band’s self-determination is a refreshing rarity in K-pop, where record labels often dictate their acts’ brands […]