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The Best Student’s Movies on Netflix Right Now

Netflix might be the best place for you to switch to when you are looking for something inspiring, romantic, awkward, scary, or thrilling. After a busy day full of lessons, activities, and assignments, students switch their screens on and select Netflix for a great watch. 


You might be wondering what is trending on Netflix that will keep you glued to your screen. The list is long for the most recent movies, such as The Kissing Booth 2, released in 2020 and old-time movies like Accepted, released in 2006. Take a look at what students are currently watching on Netflix. 




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The Kissing Booth 2 – 2020


If you watched The Kissing Booth 1, you might be missing a lot if you haven’t watched its sequel The Kissing Booth 2. The first volume was a real hit but not as much as this latter movie. The star is Elle, who is desperately hungry for love.


She is not sure which boyfriend to settle down with. Is it the first boyfriend Noah or the BF Lee? In the midst of all these, she has a load of college decisions to make. Elle feels confused inside but, on the outside, she seems to be excelling in relationships. 



The Irishman – 2019


The Irishman was directed by the living legend, Martin Scorsese. It is a crime drama movie with Robert De Niro as the main star. In the movie, a girl named Peggy keenly watches her father as he prepares his luggage for a work trip. One of the items that go into the suitcase is a revolver which is part of his work tools. Frank, Peggy’s father, earns bread for his family by murdering people, blowing up cars if the situation warrants, or seriously injuring others. When he is free from work, the good father is busy at home doing what every good father does – taking care of his family. 


He watches the news, reads newspapers, and sometimes drags Peggy to the local stores. Unknown to him, Peggy’s secret is still within her from the time she saw her father pack the revolver. You will not want to miss a minute as one event unfolds to the other.




Fresh Meat


So far, Fresh Meat has released four seasons, all available on Netflix. It’s a comedy-drama series about six students who just joined a university in Manchester recently. The freshers prefer to rent a room away from university halls. 


They all stay in that room and have too much to deal with. Like any other student, they have grades issues, they want to study for exams, want to work part-time, party, do homework, and do all other college student things. This is a drama you can relate to easily. 


See You Yesterday – 2019


If you have ever thought about how possible it would be to travel back in time and change things that you didn’t like in your past, you should make See You Yesterday a must-watch for you. The movie is about two high school students who somehow discover how to travel back in time.


They enjoy the memories of the past as they travel through time back and forth. One of them has a past they don’t like. They travel back to that time to try and change that event. It would have been better if they let it be because they had already grown many years past the event. The action has ugly consequences for the present. 




You might never have enough time to watch all students’ movies available on Netflix. The channel keeps adding new ones in their library as new releases come. You will get any genre you want, whether it is horror, action, thriller, comedy, or drama. Some of the trending Netflix movies for students are Fresh Meat, See you Yesterday, and The Irishman. Students have a lot they can learn from the movies to help them go through college life without much stress. 



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