The Handy Guide To Learn Playing Live Blackjack

You want to taste the real casino atmosphere, but don’t want to wear a suit and tie? Then live blackjack is definitely for you! Play blackjack at a table in a live casino from your own living room, along with charming dealers.

Blackjack is one of the world’s most favorite casino card games and you can even find blackjack for android phones and blackjack online. It is all about the number 21, which we call the magic number. It is a simple game to learn and a challenging game to master, especially if you also choose to play live blackjack.

For true blackjack enthusiasts, playing live blackjack online can be a bit boring and lack the excitement and impulsiveness of a real blackjack game. It lacks a personal touch that you have when playing casino games in a physical casino. Live casino, with live dealers, the atmosphere and the experience, is nowadays an addition to the casino games. It is truly a fantastic experience and a real pleasure!


Live blackjack?

One of the main advantages of playing blackjack live is that you are dealing with a real live dealer, which means that you are able to view the live dealer blackjack in real-time as well as your fellow players. You are also able to see and keep an eye on the maps because you can see everything via live webcam images.

To play live blackjack, you must have an account with a casino that offers this blackjack form. These casinos have a separate live section. Go to the lobby and choose this live casino department. You will then be automatically redirected to the live casino. Opt for the game of blackjack, and you will be connected to a real casino or a studio. You are connected live to all blackjack tables, and you will see the tables, where there is still a place available.


Play live blackjack: How live game works?

Often you are free to choose from different variants of blackjack that you can play in the live casino. European blackjack is always present as standard. As you will see on the screen, you can go for the normal variant, the common draw variant, or VIP. Common draw bets start from 1 Dollar, normally from 10 Dollar per move, and VIP blackjack starts at 25 Dollar. So choose exactly what your budget (and experience) suits.

Sit at the table of your favorite blackjack game, and you will be welcomed by a real live dealer and the blackjack game can begin. Because there is also a chat function in the game, you can communicate live with your croupier, and you can also hear all the sounds at the table. There is a webcam aimed at the gaming table where you sit, so you have a continuous view of what the live dealer is doing, and so you will literally see the game unfold under your own eyes. This can give you more confidence that the game is fair than playing at the normal table, which you can play online.

It is, therefore, very clear to follow how the game progresses. If you want to bet, read the next step below.


Start betting on live blackjack

The rest of the game is the same as with online blackjack, but only with a live dealer. In order to place a bet at the gaming table, it is of course necessary that you have money in your player account you can also use the 22bet mobile app. So first deposit money via PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, with your credit card or via bank transfer (most live blackjack online casinos offer different types of payment methods), so you can play live blackjack for real money.

When you have placed a bet, the dealer will deal the cards. These cards are extra-large so that you can see them well via the live webcam images. The dealer will then request to determine what you as a player now wants to do with your cards? Do you want to pass, split, or double? You can go through this operation by simply pressing a button. It is useful that you use the right strategy. Many blackjack strategies exist. Before you participate in live blackjack, it is useful to delve into these strategies because it can save you a lot of money and even bring you quite a bit.

After the players have decided what to do, the dealer will reveal their own hand by turning over the face-up card. Now it is exciting because who came or stayed closest to the 21. You or the dealer? The dealer will check who gets the winnings, and the lost bets will be wiped off the table. If you win something, the winnings will be automatically added to your account.


Play with a live blackjack online casino bonus

Do you want to make a quick start, and is it your first time playing live? Then you can use a nice casino bonus. Many casinos give a nice and large welcome bonus that, for example, doubles your deposit. You quickly have twice as much money to play with. If you want to try blackjack for free, you can also take a look at a free money bonus on the internet. The best live blackjack online casinos give exclusive free play money to the players that you can bet on both live blackjack and normal blackjack.


Is Live Blackjack a difficult game?

Many players worry that playing blackjack live is difficult to play, but this is not the case. Live blackjack is one of the most fun and easy games to play online. The live variant is really no more complicated than the regular variant, although it takes some getting used to. And, like all other games, there are strategies and rules. It is best to learn this before you start playing (and winning) live blackjack. When you have mastered the game and have mastered it well, the game will go smoothly without much effort. And you will soon have a better profit.

It is clear that live is a real challenge to try. Learn the rules of blackjack and practice online a few times for free. Then you can try your luck at a table in a live blackjack online casino, and you will quickly experience the real casino feeling.


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