The Most Famous Aussie High-Rollers

Do you know who are high-rollers? Gamblers refer to a high-roller as a whale or cheetah of a casino. They are gamblers who usually gamble a large amount of money than any other average gambler. Such players are rare, and casinos offer every possible bonus to bring the high-rollers to their tables.

Being a high-roller takes work. The high-rollers must place every bet with a huge amount, which should be at least $200,000. Many famous high-rollers come from Australia. Keep reading to find some of the most famous Aussie high-rollers. Also, check out some of the top online gambling real money sites.

The listed high-rollers took gambling to the next level; some even inspired other gamblers to become high-rollers. They walked in with an unbelievable amount and, on losing, left the casino without any remorse.


1. Mo Chan

This high-roller came to the limelight of the media after he registered a stunning $10 million win in an Australian casino. He had some astounding wins on each hand of Baccarat games, and none of his wagers were below $500,000. Being tired of the wagering and winning amount that Mo Chan was dealing with each hand, the casino limited his bets.

Soon, after the casino limited his winning chances, he stopped and walked out. He is one of the most famous faces and is known to be the mythical high-roller in the history of Australian casinos high-rollers.


2. Kerry Packer

Kerry Packer was a well-known face in Australia. He was not just entitled as a high-roller in the casinos but was the owner of Channel 9 in Australia. This business tycoon is also highly praised for his contribution to Australian cricket.

He once lost $15 million on a roulette table and walked out without a second regret. He even lost $120 million on a coin-flip bet. Kerry Packer couldn’t care much about this bet.

Despite his huge losses, Kerry Packer continued wagering huge bets. He even registered a $33 million overwhelming win at the MGM in Vegas. The gambling history acknowledges Kerry as one of the top high-roller in the history of gambling – both online and offline.


3. Michael Addamo

This poker gambler is currently the most famous high-roller in Australia. He won his 18th career title with a stunning prize of $501,000. He entered a live tournament in May this year and won the title of Triton Series Madrid.

Michael Addamo is also a four-time bracelet winner and defeated Michale Soyza (another high-roller) in the heads-up play of this tournament.

Final Note

There are many other high-rollers in the history of gambling, both offline and online, who deal with such huge amounts, that we can’t even dream of. Most professional gamblers limit their stakes in each session. Mostly the high-rollers are individuals with unbelievable wealth who could not care less about their bets. Some high-rollers stake their money for fun, while some play them with strategies. But these high-rollers come in with huge bankrolls and bet everything they have.


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