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The Most Romantic Couples in Video Gaming

Over the last decade and more, we’ve been lucky enough to be a fly on the wall for some of the most romantic couples featured in video games.

Not all video games are of a soppy nature and FPS games like Call of Duty and CSGO are entrants which have strong stories with a completely different direction. Most notably, CS:GO is renowned for a plethora of sub-genre games which you can find online. Some of these are ways to win new skins by CS:GO gambling on games like crash, roulette and coinflip.

We’ve put together a list of some of the most prolific relationships that have an all-round good story premise to really deliver the most memorable gaming engagements that left a lasting impression and continue to do so.


Mario and Princess Peach

It’s unfortunate that this is a tragic tale. But it is a very clear one, where you will get the feeling that Mario loves the princess, but the princess does not love Mario. On many occasions, Mario has saved the princess from kidnappings, but the princess still doesn’t seem to take notice of him. But the reality now is for Mario to accept that they can only be friends. But why does the princess not find Mario attractive? It’s possibly because of the moustache, or maybe she is in love with Luigi, his big brother, or perhaps the princess, who is obviously elitist, does not date people without royal blood, and therefore has a disdain for Mario, who is a plumber.

Whatever the case, Mario has one realization to make and that is the fact that no one can be forced to fall in love with him, even if he rescues them from the most psychotic being a hundred times.


Ratchet and Female Lombax

When the female Lombax was introduced into the Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, every right thinking person would have expected what followed suit. Lambert was red hot and dripping, to the extent that people questioned whether it’s weird to admire a cartoon rabbit. I also believe that a new set of teenage fans would be inspired and given some level of confused feelings by Lady Lombax.

The question now is, what really happened between her and Ratchet? And the answer on the surface would be for them to fall in love deeply and give birth to babies as beautiful as Lombax, before ratchets beating heart is ripped apart and fed to her young by female Lombax as part of their mating ritual.


Batman and Catwoman

She likes behaving like a cat, and loves whips. But he is wealthy and is always dolling out punishments. Both of them love to dress in leather, but we are not talking about fifty shades of grey here. We are talking about batman. He is a man of very deep principles, but she came as the thief that captured his heart. Many people won’t believe that it will work, but its working. It may be because of the many blows that batman has taken on his head, or should we say that the many years of being socially isolated and relating with cats alone has made her a bit crazy. It is very common to be a crazy cat lady, as one of the parasites in cat poo can cause brain infections.

Whichever way it goes, the couple in question has a chemistry that no one could deny. But the thing that fails to add up is why Bruce Wayne is to be the hero, while the supposed cat woman becomes the villain. However, this is still a relationship between a strong independent woman who stole from the rich to lift herself from poverty, while he is a billionaire that responded to the wealth imbalance and social injustice in Gotham city (which his family’s obscene riches may have been part of the cause), by assaulting mentally unbalanced individuals physically, and jailing them without criminal trial or due process.

However, we may have to forgive him, following the excellent Arkham series, and the Dark Knight trilogy that followed.


Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield

This tale is as old as time. Just on his first day on the job as a police officer, a young man meets a pretty damsel. They caught each other’s gaze while a reanimated corpse of one of the police officer’s colleagues was about to bite his neck. The unfortunate thing here is that the romance was already a failure even before it started. Well, maybe a budding relationship could be damaged by the smell of sewer water and decayed flash. That could be the cause, or matters may have been complicated by a third party, and possibly the muscular, strong and silent type of third party. It’s the type that is always roaming the hallways, and cannot be caught by bullets, wearing a trench coat and trilby hat stylishly. The fact that Claire arrived with an orphan in tow did not make matters any better. That is not the type of financial responsibility that Leon needs now, because the man just went out of job. He is the only person that the Raccoon City Police Department can boast of, and his wages cannot be paid again, as no task payers are left.


Nathan Drake and Elena Fisher

This seems like the success story of two people in love in the gaming world. They have a child, and share everything in their marriage, including their love of crash bandicoot, their lives, and their passion for travelling around the world. With these two combined, a Great Thunberg weep is made.

This is a romance that looked like it was doomed at the onset. She was a thoughtful and brilliant aspiring journalist, while he was a very alluring psychopath whose stock in trade is to steal ancient relics from the indigenous owners to sell on eBay. Whenever someone gets in his way, he will just throw the odds here and there, before shooting.

She was concerned about their personal safety no doubt, but he understands that a lot of sacrifices are expected of her if the marriage would work, and that if they find some common interest, it would make their relationship stronger. Now that they are stronger together, killing unidentified henchmen together happily, and teaching their daughter never to depart from the family norm of seeking treasure and not having any qualms killing anyone who stands in their way to this. This is a very touching story of true love.




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