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The Perfect Winter Outfit For An Afternoon Outside



Although many of us dread the wintertime for all that wind, snow, rain, and darkness, it’s nevertheless a golden opportunity to flaunt your wardrobe. You can showcase a style that’s practical, yet fashionable for cold weather.

True, there’s nothing quite like trendy streetwear for displaying sneakers and T-shirts, but when winter finally comes, be like Ned Stark and wrap up with layers against the freeze. However, winter doesn’t have to mean unfashionable and ugly, as we’ll discuss a few cold weather outfit ideas that will make you look chic and feel cosy.

Here’s what you can do to stay warm and look amazing in wintertime.


Harness the power of layering

It might seem obvious, but layering is trendy in winter for two reasons. For one, you get the chance to wear more things and add and take off depending on if you’re outside in a park or inside a café. The second is that layering keeps you far warmer than simply wearing a shirt with a big jacket.

You can try out a lightweight puffer jacket or vest to wear over a sweater or jacket to increase the warmth factor. For extra winter tips, learn all about which fabrics are best suited for winter and which to avoid.


Don’t skimp on the boots

Many people believe that your winter look is often a hit or miss depending on the boots. Ankle boots are a great staple for any winter, but there’s always time for knee-length boots that look amazing with a big, chunky sweater.

It’s usually best to have a few options when it comes to your choice of boots in terms of height and colour. Typically, brown and black look best for winter and you can mix and match depending on your outfit. Plus, sneakers are no good for snow or rain, as your feet will be soaked and cold in no time.

Remember a belt for your coat

Even the most fashionable of us can start to feel a little tired of the same coat during the midst of winter, but using a belt can help breathe new life into your outfit. Cinching at the waist not only helps on the style side, but also assists with defining your physique. Ideally, it’s a belt that matches the colour of the coat, but it’s not out of the realm of possibility to choose white on black or a yellow belt on blue, for example.


Consider fake fur

Embracing a (faux) fur item can really help you make it through the cold weather, and it’s really the only time of the year when it makes sense. A fur hood or sleeve-ends are typically the go-to options, but fur mittens or a beanie with a fur pom-pom are also cute and stylish ideas to use this material. Fake fur comes in many shapes and sizes, so there’s something for you.


Have fun with hats and scarves

Every winter must-have involves a hat and a scarf, otherwise are you really making the most of winter? Comfort and colour are vital, as you’ll be using these accessories a lot, but the style itself needs to be considered. After all, you want to look good in these things, as they’re often the first items people will see.

A matching hat and scarf are certainly in vogue right now, as it doesn’t matter if you go for hot pink, subtle black, bright white, or whatever shade, it somehow completes the look when both items are synchronised. Discover new ways for how to wear a beanie before heading out of the door!





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