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Men’s Dress Shoe Styles

From timeless dress shoes to comfortable sneakers, men’s footwear offers a wealth of options. From the boardroom to date night – with this guide, we’ll show you just how many stylish and diverse choices there are for any occasion.

Ever been confused by the difference between an oxford dress shoe and a brogue one? After this, you’ll have all your questions answered.

Step out in style this season. Knowing why you pair certain dress shoes with particular outfits will help take your wardrobe to the next level. Choose wisely, and express yourself confidently – get all of these fashion fundamentals down pat, and let the rest come naturally.

Before we look at any particular type of mens dress shoes style, let’s take a step back and discuss the key fundamentals. Doing this will give context to various approaches, so you can make informed decisions when choosing your desired aesthetic.


Oxford vs derby (or Balmoral vs. Blucher).

It’s an age-old debate: what type of shoes do you wear? Are they slip-on or lace-up? Of course, this simple distinction makes a huge difference in your shoe’s overall look and feel. So before stepping out in style – decide if it should be with laces or without.

An Oxford shoe is the go-to for formal occasions. It’s classic but with a subtle hint of detail tucked away in its construction. The Derby, on the other hand, makes an appearance when you’re looking to achieve something slightly more casual – and that same principle applies if you look towards boots. Balmoral styles are iconic creations; they even manage to make their mark as dressy options despite being seen as contradictory at times.


Formal vs Casual

Formality in footwear is all about the details. The simpler and darker it is, the more formal. It’s like when you’re picking out a suit – if you want something that says “black tie event” or “funeral”, go for plain black with no embellishments to ensure you’ve got maximum formality. Oxfords are well-known as being one of the most formal styles around – just keep your eyes peeled for whole cut options too; equally refined but perhaps even more so.

Colour, shape and pattern all come together to influence the overall look of a shoe. From tan hues to midnight navy shades – lighter tones usually signify a more casual style, while darker ones might be best suited for formal occasions such as funerals. Similarly, shoes with softer silhouettes are ideal for matching up with informal slacks or jeans, creating an effortless yet stylish aesthetic.

Achieving that cool, casual look comes down to a few simple guidelines. There’s plenty of room for overlap and exceptions – after all, fashion isn’t about following rules. Know the basics so you can decide when it’s best to break ’em or bend ’em – then pick out what looks best in your closet. Once armed with these terms like “plain,” “lighter colours”, and “softer shapes” you’ve got everything needed for success.

Brogues: Brogues are timelessly stylish, adding a touch of visual interest and laidback flair to your footwear. Crafted from leather with purposeful perforations that don’t actually cut through the material – they remain one of fashion’s classic accents.

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