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Top 7 Reasons to Use CapCut Desktop Video Editor

Do you know why you must use CapCut Desktop Video Editor for editing your videos in 2024? This is because the CapCut Desktop is an AI-based video editing platform with professional tools and features. In addition, this all-in-one video editing software is a must-have for every PC due to the following reasons. 

Why Choose CapCut Desktop for Video Editing?

Curious to know why you should choose CapCut desktop for video editing instead of any other editor. So, let’s look into the following reasons to do so. 

1.   Free Basic Video Editing Features

CapCut desktop editor is rich with an extensive variety of basic video editing features that you can use for free. For example, you can easily and quickly trim, crop, resize, mirror, or split your videos on this editor. Similarly, you can also adjust colors, add filters and effects, and add captions and texts to your videos for greater engagement. 

2.   Advanced Video Editing Tools and Features

Moreover, the CapCut desktop editor also allows you to use multiple advanced video editing tools. To give a professional touch to your videos, you can add keyframe animation to your videos. Similarly, you can also use a speed curve feature to boost the video’s intensity and impact on viewers. Other advanced tools that you can use on this editor include transcript-based editing, splitting scenes, masking videos, etc. 

3.   Built-in AI-Powered Tools for Dramatic Results

In addition to the above features, it also includes a great number of AI-powered built-in tools. For example, you can play with the background of your video using one-click AI technology. Similarly, you can also adjust the light of your videos to make them spark and stand out. There are also AI stickers, AI voice changer, and other AI tools to bring dramatic changes to an ordinary video. 

4.   Professional Audio Editing Tools for Videos

Besides, a great deal of audio editing tools here help you to fine-tune the audio of your videos. These professional audio editing tools include audio effects, reducing noise, vocal isolation, audio separation, voice changer, etc. Similarly, there are also options to adjust the audio pitch, audio playback speed, audio volume, etc.

5.   Vast Free Media Resources with Video Templates 

Another crucial reason for choosing this incredible desktop video editor is that it brings massive media resources. You can’t only access a great number of free video templates here but also images and audio to embed into your videos. 

6.   Time-Saving and Cost-Saving Editor

Last but not least, the CapCut desktop video editor is the most time-saving and cost-saving editor. Through its variety of automated one-click tools and AI-based features, it helps in getting results faster than ever. Also, it helps in saving money by allowing you to use many free media resources, free video templates, and many free video editing tools. 

User Guide for Using CapCut Desktop Video Editor

You must be excited to learn how to use this incredible desktop video editor for your videos. If so, let’s read the following user guide for using this CapCut desktop video editor with just 3 steps. 

●     Step 1: Import

First, download the CapCut Desktop Video Editor to your PC or laptop from the CapCut website. After downloading it, install it and sign in/sign up to it.

Then, go to the homepage and click “New Project” to import videos. For importing materials, you can either drag and drop videos from your PC or use CapCut stock resources. 

●     Step 2: Edit

After importing your video to this editor, you can start editing it now. For example, you can start by adjusting the basic issues of your video by adjusting colors, speed, splitting, etc. Then, you can proceed to use advanced tools such as adjusting the video’s keyframe or masking it. 

You can also use several AI tools to make impressive edits to your videos. Especially, AI-generated stickers are the best ones to make your videos speak up for themselves. Moreover, you can add video effects to your videos to highlight their engaging parts. 

●     Step 3: Export

Now, click the “Export” button to download your video to your PC. Before exporting, you can also choose the resolution, bit rate, Codec, format, frame rate, etc. You can also share it directly to TikTok or Youtube and allow comments, stitches, or duets. 


To create viral-worthy videos, look no further than CapCut Desktop video editor. This powerful tool not only enables you to fine-tune your videos but also helps them stand out with advanced AI tools. With a vast selection of free templates, customizable export options, and intuitive steps, CapCut simplifies the video editing process like never before. Whether you’re enhancing visuals, adding effects, or perfecting audio, CapCut provides everything you need to achieve stunning results effortlessly. Dive in today and experience firsthand how CapCut can elevate your video editing game and amaze you with incredible outcomes.

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