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Visual Trends: Art Styles that Are Reviving

Art was always an inherent part of humans’ lives. From prehistoric times, people always tried to express themselves in different forms. Cave painting is one of the first art styles discovered by people.

Since those times, tons of art styles were born. However, the history is circular, so that old and not-popular art styles revive. In most cases, styles become changed by the impact of other ages and styles of art.

To learn more about art styles and their reviving, scroll down below and read the post.



This art style began in the 1950s, after World War II. The style is an opposite reaction to abstract expressionism.

It doesn’t have any catchy elements that blow the mind. Vise versa, minimalism is as calm and plain as it ever could be.

Along with conceptual art, minimalism was a force that tried to showcase that art isn’t something unique that only privileged people can afford. These styles stated that simple forms from common materials could be art objects.

In the late 80s and 90s, this art style wasn’t popular. At those times, people started paying attention to bright and colorful art styles like futurism.

However, these days, minimalism is reviving. It becomes very popular in the interior, UX design, and illustration. People like using this style because it helps avoid distractions and focus on crucial elements only.



Handcrafting was the only way to get any items all the time. However, the industrial revolution has changed everything.

These days, the world is full of disposable products made by machines. Crafting items is unprofitable anymore. Therefore, almost everything in our lives is produced by machines.

The lack of handcrafted items and a large number of movements for saving the environment make handcrafting art popular again.

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Tapestry and Wall Painting

This type of art is very ancient. Having nothing but fabric and paint, people used them in interior design. With the span of time, it was turned into art. People spent dozens of hours creating tapestry and drawing pictures on walls.

These days tapestry has become popular back as it brings the traditional occupations into the modern tech-infused environments.

Wall painting hasn’t changed a lot. These days, it is called street art and is presented in almost any city. Berlin, Melbourne, and Buenos Aires are the top-3 cities for street art lovers. In these cities, you will find masterpieces on walls almost everywhere.

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Art Deco

Right after the industrial revolution, people were focused on producing goods. Manufacturers didn’t focus on aesthetics and wanted their products to be useful only. However, in the 1920s, people wanted to get not only handy but also attractive products.

Art Deco is aimed to find a middle way between practicality and attractive design with some luxury charm. Further, it influenced all forms of design. Manufacturers started making their products to look good and remain functional.

Frankly, Art Deco was always used. It experienced a lot of changes through the decades but yet very popular.

In the digital era, Art Deco was re-born and started applying to tech. The key characteristics of Art Deco in the modern world are precious, attention to detail, and smooth curves.



This art style was trendy in the 1900s, and its most recognizable representative is Pablo Picasso. This style uses straight lines and geometric shapes. The cubism pioners aimed to discredit the past art styles and bring a fresh look to the art.

These times, Cubism isn’t popular. However, it is reviving in the form of a minimalistic type of visual abstraction.

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Art of Typography

Calligraphy is an ancient art of drawing symbols and letters. It was very popular in the Far East, Middle East, and Western Europe at different times. However, with the growth of technology, handwritten books were replaced by printed ones.

The font became standardized for books, documents, and other printed papers. However, this art is reviving in the form of custom fonts. The Google library of fonts implies 1020 different types.

However, anyone can create fonts and publish them on the Internet with ease. Thereupon, there are hundreds of thousands of free fonts available online.


Concluding Thoughts

All art styles never become forgotten. They influenced new styles and got transformed into contemporary styles that correspond to the modern-day demands. To widen your knowledge about art and design, take up online courses from modern institutions such as the National Design Academy.


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