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What are the Most Popular Australian Sports for Betting?

Australia is a country that has a rich history with many different sports, they are known for offering high class events for many people to enjoy.

When you think of the worldwide heavyweights of sport, Australia is mentioned as one of those. For this reason, sports betting is popular in Australia, both in the country itself and also betting on Australian sports by people around the world.

If you are in Australia, heading there soon, or sitting looking at the country and planning a visit shortly, and you also like sports betting, you will probably want to combine the two like many others do.

You can now even bet without the need to make a deposit with selected bookmakers. If you are looking at the sports to place bets on in Australia, here are the three most popular Australian sports for betting.

Cricket Betting

Cricket is a sport played all over the world but at the top tier, only a select few countries play the game. One of those is Australia, known as being one of the best, and some high-class games can be seen in the country.

On the international stage, you can bet on Test matches, one-day internationals and T20 cricket. Domestically, there is a four-day state league, while the main domestic action comes from the Big Bash league, a T20 competition that attracts some of the biggest hitters in the world.

T20 cricket has rejuvenated the sport, but also rejuvenated betting on cricket too, with leagues around the world offering games to bet on.

A combination of new formats to watch and new betting markets to use has made cricket betting in Australia one of the most popular pastimes.

Placing Bets on Rugby

Both forms of rugby are popular in Australia, though domestically the biggest league they have is the NRL, which is known as the world’s best league when it comes to the rugby league version of the sport.

Some of the best rugby league players in the world play in the NRL, which makes this a league that attracts fans from all over the world, not just in Australia. However, the key advantage of being in Australia is going to games, they offer some of the best atmospheres around for fans to enjoy, and players love playing inside them.

There are many ways in which you can bet on rugby, the most popular include betting on the handicap line and the total number of points in a game. However, you can also pick out players to score a try, what the winning margin will be and even bet on just one half of the game.

Betting on Aussie Rules

There is one sport that is well-loved in Australia, but so far hasn’t been able to breakout around the world as much as it would have liked. This is Aussie Rules, a game that does have a number of fans, though the majority are clustered in Australia.

If you are heading out on a trip and you want to experience something different, something you cannot experience anywhere else then Aussie Rules is certainly the way to go.

Betting is popular on the sport too, and what is great about this is that you can find many familiar markets from other sports as part of the service. Handicap betting, total points betting and other simple and familiar markets can be found for those looking to place a wager while watching a game.

You may never have watched or gambled on Aussie Rules before, but if you’re heading to Australia then it is certainly something to consider making part of your plans.




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