What Can Break Your Fasting?- Drinks and Supplements

Intermittent fasting refers to an eating strategy that includes alternative eating and fasting. The hours of fasting depend on the type one chooses. It enhances overall health and assists people in cutting off extra pounds. However, this fasting practice has various restrictions regarding the intake of drinks and supplements. As a consequence of taking inappropriate foods, you may get out of your fasting stage. So, for the fitness enthusiasts doing intermittent fasting, here’s a list of drinks and supplements that can break your fast.

What Type of Drinks Can Break Your Fast?

As we all know, in intermittent fasting, we cannot eat anything that consists of carbohydrates or includes calories. But what about drinks? Well, there are certain beverages that one must avoid.


Milk is no doubt healthy but cannot be added to Intermittent fasting. Dairy milk contains natural sugar and lactose, likely spoiling the insulin level. This will break the fast immediately. Any type of milk, be it almond milk, coconut milk, skimmed milk, or oats milk, your fast will break. Even a few carbohydrates and calories are enough to ruin your fasting stage.

Fruit Juice

Freshly squeezed fruit juice or packaged juice are not suitable for fasting. Juice includes high carbohydrates and enough calories to increase blood sugar. This will eventually result in insulin resistance and may send you away from ketosis. Thus, having fruit juice while on fast will no longer keep you in fast. However, fruit juice is a must-have option for your post-fast meal.


Alcohol is a must-no while you are on a fast. Alcohol is not suitable for any time. But, one should avoid this, especially while fasting, because it affects the stomach immensely. Fasting means your stomach is empty. In this situation, when you drink alcohol, it may damage the stomach and cause an acidic reaction.

Apart from these drinks, people should avoid diet cokes, sodas, coconut water, energy drinks, milk teas, and coffees. Anything filled with artificial sweeteners, natural sugar, or excessive calories must be restrained.

What Type of Supplements Can Break Your Fast?

So many supplements that claim to be suitable for fasting are available on the market. But many of them include carbs and calories. Here are some of the supplements that may have an adverse impact.

Gummy Vitamins

People often take gummy vitamins while fasting to get extra energy. But, gummy vitamins are known to have high calories and sugar. This also consists of protein and fat. All of these things are not at all suitable for intermittent fasting. There’s no doubt that it will break your fast.

Protein Powder

Intermittent fasting doesn’t allow people to have anything with calories. And protein powder is the power hub of calories. It will interfere with the insulin level and eventually throw your body out fast. However, you can have this protein supplement during your eating hours.

Amino Acid (BCAAs)

Branched-chain amino acids are not compatible with intermittent fasting. It can have a very negative impact on your overall result. The BCAAs are high in carbs and calories and trigger the blood sugar level. It also hampers the autophagy process, which is necessary during the fast.

Types of Drink and Supplements You Can Have During Intermittent Fasting

You will get so many different options regarding drinks and supplements.


Coffee: Having black coffee during fast won’t hamper it. Instead, it helps you stay energized throughout the fasting hours.

Saltwater: You can have salt water as your drink. But, like sugar, people often ask, does salt break a fast? Well, the sodium intake is good for fasting. However, there are lots of factors that need to be considered while taking salt water.

Tea: Different types of tea, like herbal, green, or black, are good drink options. Tea helps with hunger pangs and gut health.

Apart from these drinks, you can also consume flavored water, seltzer, apple cider vinegar, mineral water, and lemon water.


Multivitamins: Having multivitamins like A, D, and E during the fast helps you have good vision and immunity. It doesn’t have any calories. So it won’t break the fast.

Probiotics: Probiotics are good for gut health during fasting. It improves glucose tolerance, and the best way is to intake in the morning.

Creatine: Creatine is a good supplement when taken on its own. It enhances muscle mass and gives strength. It doesn’t contain carbs or calories and will not break the fast.

Apart from these supplements, you can have fish or algae oil, organ meat supplements, individual micronutrients, pure collagen, and prebiotics.


To conclude, we all know intermittent fasting has so many restrictions regarding the eating elements. Natural or added sugar, carbohydrates, and calories are a big no for fasting. Be it a drink or a supplement, you must pick it with full awareness. So, avoid everything mentioned above if you want to stay in the fasting stage.

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