What Colors are Trending for Tuxedos Today

For many decades, tuxedo colors were very simple: most of them were black. The tux shirt was a starch white with a black bow tie and gloss black shoes for the footwear. The pocket fold might be a slight bit of creativity, but most men had a simple, white fold for the accessory. Where there was any creativity was with the ring wear and cufflinks as well as the sunglasses if going out during the day. Now, in 2023, a whole array of colors and possibilities exist, but that doesn’t mean they are the most popular. And, the classic black tux is still a safe bet in most instances.

Lots of Creative Ideas Now Happening

Because modern weddings are really become instances of unique expression, tuxedos are following suit for those who want a unique look. It’s quite common now for a groom and groomsmen to have lots of color choices for their suits versus just strict black or stroller-style gray coat and tails. That said, the choices are not as garish as the baby blue nightmares seen in the 1970s with some odd color pin-striping. Instead, the modern choices are designed with smart appearance as a priority, and that’s been providing maturity in creative design and tuxedo color trends that wasn’t available when people first started breaking away from the classic black tuxedo norm.

Try Lots of Suits Without Lots of Cost

One of the best ways to sample many of the latest tuxedos available and the styles most common today is to simply go to a rental provider and try them out. The same goes for those who want to rent a suit for a formal affair but don’t want to wear a tuxedo. Rental providers have a large array of choices available, and they make a point to carry most of the popular trends that are in demand in 2023. So, whatever myth you might have heard that rental providers only have 20-year-old suits from previous decades’ fashion, think again.

Sleek and Cut

The shawl lapel suit, for example, has become very popular. For years, the shawl lapel tuxedo was relegated to high school proms, the band on stage in tuxedos, and entertainers. It’s a snappy suit style with a slim jacket color that allows easier moving. The traditional tuxedo has a much larger lapel, which can get in the way if not simply just standing around. With the shawl lapel, the big design cut is reduced to a slim band that offsets the edge of the jacket. The styles work very well for those who want a tuxedo that stands out with a very clean look. The label is still the same color family as the rest of the suit, but slightly darker to give it a border appearance that frames the front of the wearer better. This style suit works with all kinds of colors from light cream beige tuxedos and black shirts to dark and deep burgundy velvets with gloss black shoes and a white shirt/black bow tie.

Even Tuxedos Need Homework

There is no question that tuxedos in 2023 have far more options than even just a decade ago. But there’s a lot of room for mistakes too. So, do yourself a favor and get creative with rentals first. Trying things out with different styles. Then, when you find the rental style that really works for your tux or suit, it’s time to invest in your own personal suit. 

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