What Is Filler Disolver?

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Have you recently had a cosmetic procedure to improve your appearance? One of the most popular types of cosmetic procedures right now is fillers. Fillers are designed to improve the fullness of a part of your body, like your lips or your cheeks. As such, they can be used to reduce some of the more natural signs of age. As we get older, our body loses levels of collagen and it’s common to have a sunken appearance in the later years of life. Fillers can also be used to improve our natural appearance by making thin lips more full and plump.

Unfortunately, fillers don’t always provide the right aesthetic people are searching for. It’s possible that the original procedure didn’t make your lips look natural or that they ruined your flat side profile. This is just one example of an issue that a client could have.

In cases like this, the best option will be to explore a filler dissolver service.

What Is A Filler Dissolver?

Fillers can be dissolved. This will return the area to its original appearance. The most dissolved cosmetic procedure is lip fillers. Practitioners may tell clients that getting an original filler dissolver will be the best way to achieve their desired appearance.

Fillers can be dissolved using a product like Hyaluronidase. It is important to understand that this is a challenging fix. The enzyme may take up to two weeks to provide the desired result. The enzyme will work to break down the bonds of HA and thus speed up the natural process of the body. Once treated, the filler will start to break down instantly.

Filler dissolver services are a rapid treatment that typically takes approximately thirty minutes. However, if a larger area has been treated, then it might be necessary to book more sessions to dissolve the area.

The results of this treatment are permanent, and your lips or any other area of your body will eventually return to their original appearance.

How To Arrange A Filler Dissolver Service?

If you are interested in having your fillers dissolved, it’s important to arrange a consultant with a professional service like Contour Clinique. Experts like this will guarantee you get the support and advice you need. They will inform you of whether a dissolver service is the right choice for you and the benefits that it will provide.

What Happens After Treatment

Once you are treated, you will see immediate results. In some cases, people may experience issues with bruising, which will fade completely after a couple of days.

We hope this helps you understand some of the key points about a filler dissolver service and why this might be the right choice for you. Remember, if you have an issue with your filler migrating, it is important to get it dissolved as quickly as possible. If you fail to do this, you will likely display some of the common signs of age, including sagging skin.

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