What Should a Bride Have in her Handbag?

Every girl looks forward to her wedding day. It’s one of the most important days you can imagine and a start of a whole new life with someone you love.

As a bride, what you decide to wear will determine how the event is remembered for years to come. Hence, it is no surprise that brides spend a lot of time, energy, and money finding the right dress for their wedding. Choosing your wedding dress can be extremely overwhelming and stressful. With that being said, it is also imperative to have a bridal clutch that perfectly contrasts and matches your attire. Just like a wedding dress reflects a bride’s personality, so does the choice of a bridal clutch bag. It would be best if you choose a bridal clutch that ties your entire wedding attire together.

Does a Bride Need a Clutch Bag?

Having a bridal clutch may not be as important of a decision as selecting a wedding dress. However, a wedding clutch bag serves a vital purpose for a bride apart from glamming up your entire wedding look. As the big day approaches, the routine gets hectic, and things start to pile up. During the hustle of planning the wedding, it is easy to forget some essential bridal accessories. These traditional bridal clutches help you keep all your emergency essentials in one place. They are small and handy, and you can easily hold them throughout the function.

There are different types of traditional wedding clutches such as Resin bags, Wooden clutches with Meenakari works, embroidered clutch bags, flap clutches, potli bags etc. All these have intricate handiwork done on them by traditional artisans. Atiya Choudhury’s collection of classic personalised bridal handbags have the right amount of conventional aesthetics to present an authentic South-Asian look.

Atiya Choudhury, a South-Asian fashion brand based in the multicultural city of Birmingham, the UK. It offers clothing, jewellery, accessories and a range of other beautifully crafted products. Atiya’s extensive collection of Clutch bags comes in a wide range of designs, and it will surely catch your eye. These include rich patterns, colours, glamour, and, most importantly, a sense of luxury that will surely amp up your entire look. Atiya’s collections are more than just fashion pieces; they are exclusive experiences that enhance the personality and individuality of the person.

10 Essential must-haves for the Bridal handbag

If you’re a bride-to-be, having the right items in your handbag can sometimes make or break how things turn out. It can often be challenging to decide what essentials to put in your bridal handbag. A tip for the big day is to keep it simple with just a few items like your lipstick, a compact mirror, and some tissues, ensuring you’re prepared for every beautiful moment.

Hair Pins

There is always a possibility that your hairstyle gives way in the middle of the ceremony, and your hair ends up looking like a bird’s nest. At this time, hairpins can save the day and help keep your hair in place. Also, many Indian traditions involve the Groom’s side pinning flowers on the bride’s hair in the middle of the functions. So, when that happens, you won’t have to go hunting for hairpins either

Safety Pins

Wardrobe malfunction is always unexpected, so one must always be prepared! Make sure to keep a pack of safety pins in your traditional wedding handbag for all wedding dress emergencies. Safety pins can easily handle all sorts of malfunctions, be it with your dupattas or the lehengas.

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South-Asian wedding functions can last up to more than 3 hours and can be very tiring. During this time, brides, too, need to eat and drink and just take a breather. Doing so may require refreshing the lipstick, and having one in the bag can save a lot of time and energy.

Wet Wipes or Tissues

If your wedding is taking place in the summers, a pocket-sized tissue pack is a definite must-have. They always come in handy for sweat checks, no matter what the occasion. Having a packet of issues could also help with emotional moments that tend to come up quite often during weddings.

Compact Powder/Mirror

Makeup is a crucial part of your wedding day, and so are timely touch-ups. They help you look vibrant and keep your makeup firm. So, it would help if you always had a compact powder in your clutch bag; one with a mirror inside is a plus, so you always know how you look.

Pocket-Sized Perfume or Body Mist

Everyone wants to smell heavenly on their wedding day. Keeping a pocket-sized perfume or mist in your wedding clutch and applying it every hour or so can liven up how you smell and keep the foul trail of sweat away.


During these times of COVID-19, it is of utmost importance that you have a pocket-sized hand sanitiser with you at all times, and weddings are no exception. It’s easy to contract something from merely touching a surface, such as a railing, chair, doorknob, etc. It’s better to be cautious on your big day and not take any chances. So keep a hand sanitiser in your wedding clutch bag at all times and apply it every so often.

Phone Charger and Power Bank

There are many memories to be made on your big day, and phones help record these memories. To ensure that you do not miss out on your chance to take selfies and group photographs with your bridesmaids and family, bring along your power bank and charger.

Mints or Gum

You will be greeting/welcoming guests throughout the day with a beautiful smile on your face, and you need to keep your breath fresh in between conversations. Bad breath does not leave a good impression, and you certainly don’t want that at your wedding.


A wedding can be a stressful affair, particularly with all the work leading up to it. A lack of sleep, exhaustion, and anxiety is quite common, which can end up ruining the atmosphere. To avoid such an outcome, it is always good to have some aspirin nearby so that your body does not fail you on the big day.

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