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Сellulite: life-changing procedures

All the girls in the world dream of learning how to get rid of the orange peel once and for all.

However, in our article we will prove that cellulite is a normal skin condition. Over time, this concept began to be used in order to increase the success of a marketing strategy. We’ll also share tips to help you keep your skin looking good.

The history of the appearance of the term

At the end of the 19th century, this concept appeared in France, which meant the inflammatory process of the connective skin caused by staphylococcal infection and had absolutely nothing to do with the modern concept of cellulite.

Already in 1973, the world got acquainted with the concept of cellulite in its modern meaning. We must pay tribute to Nicole Ronsard, who owned one of the beauty salons in New York. She wrote a book in which she said that cellulite is fat deposits that our body is not able to cope with. So people began to fight this physiological defect. However, no one knew that Nicole in her beauty salons sold products and performed some therapies that helped fight cellulite. Thus, she used this term as her advertising campaign and she became a millionaire in a couple of years.

After that, the idea arose in the minds of people that it was imperative to fight cellulite. That it is disgusting, unhealthy and embarrassing, forcing people to spend fabulous money to get rid of cellulite. Although many published scientific studies suggest that cellulite is just regular adipose tissue and does not impair our health in any way.


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How do we get an orange peel

In our body, an absolutely normal process occurs when fibers connect with deeper tissues and form cells in which fat accumulates. As we know, every person needs fat for the process of regulating body temperature. Cellulite begins to form when these cells increase in size and begin to bulge out on our skin.

Women’s cellulite is more obvious, since the female body tends to accumulate more fat, and the skin is thinner and more elastic.

Another factor that influences the appearance of cellulite is fluid accumulation. In this regard, any type of lymphatic drainage massage can lead to a decrease in cellulite. On the website you can get advice and sign up for a massage course.

Life-changing procedures

Naturally, we can talk indefinitely about the fact that Nicole’s act in the distant past fooled people. However, this also has its advantages. While trying to get rid of cellulite, women began to pay more attention to their lifestyle. In an effort to get rid of cellulite, we include healthy foods rich in vitamins in our diet. We also began to devote more time to physical activity. Thus, despite the deception, we began to take care of ourselves.

Now we will talk again about simple procedures that can reduce the amount of cellulite and tone our health.

Water consumption

A person is 60% water, of which 70% is spent on maintaining the processes inside our cells. Consuming large amounts of water speeds up the process of removing toxic substances from our body, and also promotes normal blood circulation in the body. When there is a lack of water in your body, it will lead to stagnation and the appearance of cellulite.


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Stop and breath

At the frantic pace of our life, we devote little time to our breathing and completely forget that deep breathing affects the intensity of lymph movement. This, in turn, can also lead to stagnation of fluid in the cells.

Spend more time exercising

Begin to devote time to physical activity. Twice a week will be enough. You don’t have to go to the gym. Studying videos on YouTube will allow you to do your own training at home. Also, don’t forget about walking. Walking in the fresh air in the evening will help you restore balance and also improve your sleep.


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Skin care

1) Scrubbing

Factors such as unmoistened air, UV radiation, and tight clothing lead to the appearance of dead cells on our skin. In this regard, we lack the use of a scrub for complete skin care.

Important! It is advisable to use the scrub 2-3 times a week. If you use the scrub every day, it can lead to the fact that the process of cell regeneration is disrupted and the skin would not be able to regenerate without mechanical cleaning.


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2) Body wrap

Another important means of increasing the elasticity and firmness of the skin is body wrapping.

Hot and cold wraps can flush toxic substances out of your body. Hot wrapping uses ingredients such as cinnamon, ginger, pepper etc. With their heating properties, they make our pores open and remove toxins.

The cooling components of the wrap, such as menthol, mint, clay, contribute to the fact that, on the contrary, they lead to narrowing of the pores and toxins can be naturally excreted from the body.


3) Massage with a dry brush


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Massaging with a dry brush at home will help you improve metabolic processes and remove excess fluid from the body. This method improves blood circulation and prevents stagnation in the body, thereby preventing the appearance of cellulite.


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