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Stefania LaVie Owen

While other pre-teens were busy with their friends, actress Stefania LaVie Owen was acting in her first breakout role in Peter Jackson’s film The Lovely Bones opposite Saoirse Ronan. Since then, Stefania has portrayed an iconic character in the Sex and the City franchise, a Christmas horror crossover film, and a few coming-of-age stories. Now, […]

Kenny Allstar

Strawberries & Creem Festival is returning this year – again with a star-studded line-up that certainly does not disappoint in any way. The festival, based at Haggis Farm in the countryside just outside of Cambridge, was founded by two former Cambridge students Preye Crooks and Chris Jammer who initially organized the festival for end-of-year celebrations […]

This Is How to Make Hair Stronger and Healthier

There are several things you can do to have healthier hair. You can check out our guide here to learn more about how to make hair stronger.   Hair loss is a problem that affects millions of people every day. Not only do hair troubles lower confidence but they also are a big source of […]