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How Much Does A Fractional CFO Cost Per Hour?

  The CFO stands for Chief Financial Officer. As the name speaks for itself, a fractional CFO is a person who contracts to provide financial know-how to a company. Fractional or part-time CFOs typically support startups temporarily but have substantial prior CFO-level experience. Like almost all businesses, the full-time employees in this matter are called […]

Jeff Goldblum

Some actors bounce from genre to genre, looking to flex their range across a collection of different dramatisations. Then, there are a select few who can seamlessly shift between genres all the while putting on the same persona. It’s a rare thing, indeed, that an actor can be so charismatic, likeable, and skilful that they […]

How to Feel Better About Being Single

Long gone are the days when being single was frowned upon. Nowadays, it has turned into a lifestyle that is empowering to those that choose to follow this path. Complete independence, fewer responsibilities, or possibly higher self-esteem are just a few benefits of being single. Yet, sometimes, being single can be disheartening. You constantly feel […]

Should You Use CBD to Treat Pain?

  People who suffer from chronic pains have turned to CBD for pain relief in recent years. Users believe that CBD can help alleviate ailments such as arthritis and neuropathic discomfort. However, there have been concerns regarding the safety and usefulness of CBD. Thus, in this article, we will dig deeper into everything from the […]

Perfect Bridal Box – How Does It Look Like?

  Bridal subscription boxes hit the market a few years ago and brides around the country went absolutely nuts! This trend continues to gain popularity, and for good reason. Not only do the items found in these subscription boxes help brides plan for the big day, they are responsible for countless hours of social media […]

Kara Marni

1883 Magazine speaks with singer-songwriter Kara Marni about her new EP State of Mine.