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South London pop/RnB artist KOATES imbues the push and pull of really wanting to make a relationship work on his latest track Japanese Trees, which combines catchy pop-noir melodies with personable songwriting to showcase his growth as an artist.

Sarah Maple – The Opposite of a Feminist

In a world where women are kept down and struggle to make their voices heard, seminal British artist Sarah Maple never shies away from challenging the structural and everyday misogyny and sexism in our society. Her work is on display at GIANT until February 2022.


Sweden’s King of Pop, Darin, is one of the best-selling artists from his home country. With seven No. 1 albums and over 400 million streams to his name and a career spanning over 15 years, he still has a lot more to give to the world.

The Lumineers

1883 Magazine was able to chat with Wesley Schultz from The Lumineers ahead of the album’s release in 2022 to learn more about the story (or lack there-of) behind the album, how a road trip with his wife inspired the lead single, and what he hopes fans take away from the record.