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Deco – Bitter Sweet Symphony.

Deco takes us back to the future with their electrifying new single, Bitter Sweet Symphony.   Deco’s synth-laden cover of Bitter Sweet Symphony—originally popularized by The Verve in 1997—is the type of song you can imagine playing in the background of an exhilarating movie scene. Picture this: the main character is jet-setting across the globe […]

Why You Need Expert Music Promotion For Your Songs

How would you like your music to be promoted? In spite of the fact that the top one percent of musicians bring in more than 75 percent of all revenue from the recording industry (worth $15 billion), you are not alone in your pursuit of a piece of that pie. Unfortunately, this all means that […]

4 Types of Necklaces That Go With Every Attire

Necklaces are one of the most versatile accessories you can wear. They can instantly make a simple outfit look more exciting or give you an instant style boost if you’re stuck for ideas. Necklaces come in all shapes and sizes, from chunky statement pieces to delicate chains and pendants. They add an element of sophistication […]

mustbejohn – I’m In If You Are – Track by Track

After spending the year releasing a number of successful tracks, mustbejohn unveils his 6-track EP I’m In If You Are & pens an exclusive track-by-track for 1883 Magazine. Genre-blending is becoming second nature to artists in 2021 but no one is doing it as seamlessly as Hertfordshire born and bred rising newcomer mustbejohn. Finding inspiration […]