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How Movie Reviews Affect the Audience

  Before you go to the movies or decide what film to watch, you start wondering: “Which one should I watch?” First and foremost, it depends on your mood. Would you be interested in something classic? Maybe you’re in the mood for a blockbuster, or maybe you prefer some artsy European films. But one thing […]

Cherrelle Skeete

Actress, playwright, director and producer Cherrelle Skeete is a force to be reckoned with. Since starring in the likes of The Midwich Cuckoos, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, and HANNA, Cherrelle Skeete has been solidifying herself as both an actress and a powerful voice within the film industry to keep one’s eyes on. After studying at the Royal Central School […]

How to buy Dash Cryptocurrency on WhiteBIT?

The most valuable crypto projects are those connecting blockchain technologies with the real sector. In the future, it is supposed that financial institutions will look for options to facilitate money transfers worldwide. We would like to talk about one such crypto project – Dash. Dash is a platform compatible with bank cards, cash as well […]

A Week in the Greek Islands

The Greek Islands are a timeless classic when it comes to a holiday destination. With the crystal-clear blue waters and long stretches of white sandy beaches, it’s no surprise that this area of the world has become one of the top holiday destinations. From the lush green hills of Santorini to the rolling hills of […]

Vaping Is Just As Heart-Healthy As Other Nicotine Replacements  

  E-cigarettes have long been a popular way to help cigarette smokers cut down on smoking, yet little is known about their health impacts on the heart. Until now. A new study by researchers at Sheffield Hallam University and funded by Heart Research UK has found vaping offers similar health benefits to blood vessels as other nicotine […]