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4 Beautiful Wedding Keepsakes to Remember Every Moment

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A wedding is a big event in life. At least for most couples, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime special day and as such, it deserves to be remembered and treasured. Of course, there are many things to be taken care of before the vows are exchanged and the newlyweds head over to their romantic honeymoon, but one thing is for sure.

But amidst all the planning, the couple needs some wedding keepsakes to help keep the memories of the big day forever fresh in their minds.

If you’re walking down the aisle soon and want to preserve your big day’s memories for years to come, here are four beautiful wedding keepsakes you might appreciate.


1. Make a Wedding Dress Portrait

A wedding dress portrait can be an amazing keepsake for couples who want to immortalize the memories of their big day. Yes, purchasing a wedding dress requires volumes of thought and consideration. But as much as the bride is free to wear the gown multiple times and ages after the wedding, not all people may feel comfortable doing so.

This, arguably, is perhaps why some brides choose to donate their wedding gowns if not preserve or repurpose them after the big day.

However, a portrait can be an amazing way to bring the memories attached to the dress closer to the mind and heart, even for the groom. This is because it is easier to display in your home, office, or even at future bridal showers and bachelorette parties of your close loved ones.


2. Think of a Customized Wedding Certificate Holder

If you are like most couples out there, you probably spent countless hours trying to carefully craft your wedding vows. And after all of the hard work, it makes sense that you’d want to joyfully keep them somewhere you can read and enjoy them whenever you want or need to.

However, the blunt truth is that they may not be a permanent keepsake. They may get destroyed during cleaning or moved from one place to another. So what’s a bride (or groom)to do?

A custom wedding certificate holder can be an amazing keepsake for couples who want to preserve the ceremony that took place on their big day. The certificate holder can be made with the bride’s initials or her favorite color and can be created in multiple sizes. The groom can have his own too!


3. Create a Wedding Photo Book with Your Favorite Photos from the Big Day

If you are like many couples, the last thing you’d want to slip your mind is the need to plan for your wedding album. This is because when captured on camera, special memories can last for as long as you have the photos, if not a lifetime.

Well, creating a wedding photo book as a keepsake is inarguably the best way to capture these memories. You can have your photo album designed by a professional if you must or use an online tool to design it and have it printed professionally.

If you choose the latter, you’ll have a variety of choices from Mixbook, a service that lets you design wedding photo books and customize other types of photo books to your personal tastes.


4. Preserve the Wedding Guestbook

Wedding guest books also make great keepsakes, and for a good reason. As much as it can sometimes be considered an unnecessary extra, keeping a wedding guestbook can go a long way in preserving the couple’s beautiful memories from the big day for ages to come.

Most guest books require the guests to write their names, contacts, signatures, and well-wishes, but this doesn’t exhaust your options when picking the details to include in yours.

Going through the book a few years down the line could feel as if you’re renewing your vows or reliving the special day.

There are tons of wonderful keepsakes you can create, not just for your wedding, but for all of the big events in your life. With a bit of planning and attention to detail, you can turn your wedding or special event into unforgettable keepsakes for years to come. Hopefully, the above ideas will come out as inspiring as far as keepsakes for your wedding are concerned.

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