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4 Questions to ask when hiring a Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

When hiring a pedestrian accident lawyer, there are certain questions we should consider. These questions should help us determine their expertise and get a better experience when you look for lawyers in Sydney. If possible, these specialized lawyers will win us the case but to locate the best one you should ask the following questions. 


1. Ask about their experience

Lawyers aren’t one size fits all professionals. Each layer will have their area of expertise. While all can fulfill the role of your attorney, those specialized in the field are more likely to win us a case. Some lawyer groups provide multiple specializations. For example, Bojat Law group has specialized in over a dozen different areas, pedestrian accidents being one of them.

When it comes to pedestrian accidents, it can be even more important to look out for experienced ones. These accidents can get quite murky so having somebody to disentangle them is healthy.

Make sure to ask your lawyer about their experience in the field. How many years they have had and their overall knowledge. Digging deeper, you can use online reviews from clients to gauge their capabilities too. These aren’t completely reliable but can help add to our decision.


2. Ask them how much they charge

The price of a court case is never known upfront so your lawyer won’t quite know how much it will cost to have their services. However, it is possible to get an estimate and a deeper glimpse of information into their model of billing. 

Knowing an estimate can help us get more deciding information on the lawyer. While higher or lower price doesn’t mean better lawyers, having them be transparent about expenses is usually a good sign. The expenses are written down so you will be able to confirm that all of the supposed costs are accounted for.


3. How long will the case take? 

At this point, you are gauging how versed the lawyer is in these claims while getting some important information. Every court case timeframe differs but expert attorney like those from Bojat Law group should be able to tell you the rough estimate.

The court’s scheduling is one of the key reasons why some cases take a long time. Then there’s investigations and interviews, as well as other factors that prolong the whole case. 

The estimate we get from our lawyer should at least help us understand how much time this will take up. Additionally, it will inform us on the potential total costs, when coupled with quotes and prices noted by the lawyer.


4. Whether they have won cases similar to yours 

This is a bit of a pointed question but an important one nonetheless. Knowing if our lawyer had similar clients and managed to win their cases will quickly showcase their reliability. 

If they have won multiple cases similar to ours, they will be far better equipped to handle it. Those that haven’t will usually have a tough time overall and may not be the perfect pick.

Keep in mind that specialization in pedestrian cases like this can be expressed in multiple ways as explained by Bojat Law group. So, make sure the lawyer knows or has experienced the case specific to you rather than just any case of the same type.

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