5 Essential Tips on How to Sell Your Old Phone

Selling and trading old phones are becoming more prevalent because of the continuous release of newer models from different brands. When you buy the latest smartphone today, a new one will pop out with a few upgrades and add-ons. It will confuse you if you should sell the old one or buy the latest model.

But the problem is phone value easily depreciates. So how can you regain the money you spend buying the old one if you want to sell it?

If you want to sell old phones, here are some tips to help you save money and maximize your profit.


1. Take Care of Your Phone

Make it a habit to protect and take care of your phone if you intend to sell it soon. That way, you can still obtain many potential buyers and sell your phone at a higher rate if it is in good condition. The best ways to protect your phone are:

  • Using a phone case
  • Putting on a glass screen protector

The phone case will keep your phone from unexpected scratches and dents, while the screen protector will protect the screen from breaking easily if you accidentally drop your phone. If you have failed to practice taking care of your phone, you can try accomplishing it if you buy a new one and plan to resell it.


2. Keep the Box and Accessories Intact

Retain your old phone’s value if you still have its box and accessories, especially the charger. Most buyers from Craigslist, or other similar marketplaces, prefer to buy old phones with their original boxes. But if you sell it to carriers, the original charger is enough to allow you to trade it to them.

3. Don’t Forget to Clean the Phone

No one wants to buy a dirty and ugly-looking phone. So whether you plan to sell your old phone to a stranger, a friend, or a third-party reseller, assure you clean it first. No noticeable dust, and free from fingerprints on the screen. That way, your phone also looks newer than it was.

Aside from the phone, don’t forget to wipe off the box and clean the accessories. It would be best to be careful when cleaning your phone since you can accidentally scratch it. A soft damp towel or cloth is the best way to clean and wipe your phone.

4. Do a Factory Reset

Nowadays, you often put a lot of personal information on your phone, be it your photos, notes, files, reminders, to-do lists, contact lists, messages, etc. So before you hand over your phone to a potential buyer, ensure you do a factory reset first to protect your privacy. If you already have a new phone, transfer and back up old photos and other data there.

5. Decide How You Want to Sell It

If you finally decide to sell your phone, carefully decide where and how you will sell it, as it can help you save and gain more profit. Craigslist and eBay are the most common platforms for selling old phones. Post a product listing there and wait for a potential buyer.

Aside from the selling platform, choosing whether to sell your old phone via trade-in, cash, or credit will also be essential in saving you money. Just ensure that every transaction you will make is trustable.


Don’t Throw But Sell Old Phones

Old phones can still help you save and gain money, so don’t throw them easily. Also, old phones can harm dump fills, which is a big no. So the best way to dispose of old phones is to sell them. Depending on the phone you sell, you can still receive a better deal and save money which you can use to buy a new one or for other purposes.





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