5 Gorgeous Engagement Ring Designs That Will Captivate Your Partner

When you’re planning out the details of how to propose to that special someone, don’t forget the biggest detail of all–the engagement ring.

Whether you go shopping with your partner or look for the perfect ring on your own, you’ll find a variety of engagement ring designs. This allows you to choose something to match your partner’s personality and fashion style.

Read on to learn about five gorgeous ring designs that your partner will love.


  1. Emerald Ring

One of the most popular fashions today is an emerald engagement ring. It’s new and yet classic–fashion icon Jackie Kennedy wore an emerald engagement ring in 1953.

If you’re thinking of buying an emerald, remember that the stone is significantly softer than a diamond, and therefore more fragile.


  1. Vintage Ring

Vintage designs are also making a comeback. One such design is a halo ring, in which a ring of smaller diamonds surrounds the central diamond.

Not only is the halo ring a classic style, but it also makes a small central diamond look larger, bringing down the price of diamond engagement rings. You can bring prices down even further by shopping for wholesale engagement rings.

Other types of vintage rings feature intricate details, such as milgrain (a beaded metal pattern) or filigree (with metal wire details). Vintage styles make unique engagement rings.


  1. Three-Stone Ring

Ever since Meghan Markle displayed a three-stone engagement ring, the style is gaining popularity. Her ring featured a central rectangular diamond with a round diamond on each side but you can customize the style. Create your own design by choosing custom colors–a central stone with matching colored stones on either side, or three different complementary colors.

The design, also called a trilogy setting, can represent friendship, love, and fidelity. It can also refer to the past, present, and future.


  1. Stackable Ring

Meghan Markle also helped kick off the trend of stackable rings, and they’re becoming more popular as engagement rings. Couples like these engagement ring sets because they’re so easy to customize. Keep things simple with thin gold bands, or add gems for someone who likes more sparkle.

Choose one band for an engagement ring, and slip another band on top on your wedding day. Add another to celebrate a new baby, as Markle later did.


  1. Split-Shank Rings

If you want a design that emphasizes the centerpiece stone, look for a split-shank ring. In this style, the ring band, or shank, splits apart to cradle the stone. This draws the eye directly towards the mounted gem.

The versatile style can feature almost any size and shape of stone. It also allows extra stones to be mounted on the sides.

A split-shank ring may need to be cleaned frequently since dirt can collect in the crevices. It can also catch on fabrics, so people who work with their hands should think carefully before buying one.


Consider Your Engagement Ring Designs

When you’re preparing for that special day, consider your engagement ring designs to match your partner’s personality. Consider an intricate vintage ring, add emeralds for color, or customize with stackable rings. Whatever you select, you’ll make your engagement an occasion to celebrate.

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