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5 History Films You Should See That Told Rosa Parks’ Story

Few women left their mark in American history as much as Rosa Louise McCauley Parks. She was a freedom fighter, the first lady of the movement, and renowned for her role in the Montgomery bus boycott.


Rosa Parks was a staunch believer of equal rights, a friend to the famous Martin Luther King and Edgar Nixon, battling alongside the duo in the war against racial segregation.

The historical personality and life story of Rosa Parks is a popular college essay topic. Her name comes up when discussing the civil rights movement, with many of her actions and beliefs influencing modern America. When looking to learn about this brave woman, many students visit to find right historical fact about her movement against racism. Also great chance to discover free essay samples about Rosa Parks personal life. Hollywood also holds her in high regard, with several studios producing films centered around the civil activist’s life.

If you are looking to find out more about Rosa Parks, here are five films you should consider watching.


Boycott (2001)

The movie boycott is one of the best films that describe life in the 50s. You get to understand the tension, dangers, and impact of Park’s refusal to stand up on the Montgomery bus. For a student writing a paper on the movement, it can help you grasp the tone and atmosphere of the era.

Iris Little-Thomas performs excellently as the main character, with Martin Luther King (Jeffrey Wright) and Coretta Scott King (Carmen Ejogo) also featuring in the movie. It follows the Montgomery bus boycott’s significant events, from Park’s confrontation to the boycotting’s end.


The Rosa Parks Story (2002)

Angela Bassett also got to play the role of the first lady of civil rights in the movie The Rosa Parks Story. This film gives us a glimpse into the events in our heroine’s life that led up to the Montgomery bus boycott. We get to see Park’s confidence and courage through the Hollywood hall of fame Angela Bassett as she refuses to stand up amid segregation.


Doctor Who, “Rosa” (2018)

The critically acclaimed TV series “Doctor Who” also pays homage to Rosa Parks’ role in the American rights civil movement. The drama focuses on her bus ride’s impact, with the main character traveling in time to witness it. Malorie Blackman lent her creativity to writing the episode, becoming the first non-white and only sixth female writer. Vinette Robinson plays the role of Rosa in this sci-fi series.


Mighty Times: The Legacy of Rosa Parks (2002) 

If you’re looking to learn about the historical personality and life story of Rosa Parks, then consider adding “Mighty Times: The Legacy of Rosa Parks” to your viewing list. It features video footage of Coretta Scott King, E.D. Nixon, and Martin Luther King Jr. The film went on to receive an Oscar nomination with the renowned Robert Houston at the helm of directing. It’s exceptionally educational for college students who want to write a paper on the heroine and impact on the civil rights movement.


Behind the Movement (2018)

Meta Golding shines in one of the more recent portrayals of Rosa Park’s standoff on the bus. It focuses on how her actions spurred the civil rights movement.


Final Thoughts

Having been born in 1913, Rosa Parks is one of America’s most incredible human rights activists. Her actions of refusing to get up from her seat were pivotal to starting the civil rights movement. She fought against racial segregation and discrimination, with most of her ideas being the bedrock of today’s society. She was also a member of Nixon’s cabinet, serving as the chapter secretary for the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) for Montgomery.

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