5 Most Reptile Animals People Keep as Pets

Undoubtedly, reptiles have made their name on the popular pet list. Their docile nature and versatility help them to get a lovely space in people’s hearts and homes, too. You might not know how adorable they could be if you have not kept a pet reptile before.

However, what’s more confusing is choosing the best reptile from an endless collection of lizards or snakes for sale. There is nothing to worry about as this article covers the 5 most reptile animals people love to keep in their households, and you can also welcome them to your family. Let’s have a look at them one by one below.

1. Ball Pythons

Their friendliness and calm personality makes ball pythons the most sought-after pet snakes in the reptile industry. They are easy to handle and do not demand much from their owners. In fact, they can be your ideal reptile companion if you’re a beginner or new to pet ownership. But the beauty of ball pythons does not end here. They come in beautiful morphs, including cinnamon, Mojave, albino, and pied. Sounds fascinating. Right?

2. Adult Russian Tortoise

What if you are not a super fan of keeping snakes? Relax, we have other exciting reptile options for you. Here comes the Adult Russian Tortoise, the renowned reptile animal for its shy and calm nature. These tortoises are super friendly and are highly affectionate towards their owners. You can keep them in a medium-sized enclosure of 40 to 50 gallons as they do not require much space to wander.

3. Leopard Geckos

Due to their unique appearance, Leopard Geckos are known as the popular domesticated lizards. Compared to other reptile animals, they like to live alone and thus require a safe habitat for survival. For nourishment, you can give them small insects or roaches as well. They usually grow from 6 to 7 inches and are easy to handle. Like other pet reptiles, geckos come in different colorations, such as patternless, striped or albino geckos.

4. Kingsnakes

Are you researching snakes for sale? If yes, Kingsnakes might be the perfect one to welcome in your household. They are beautiful, slithery companions with bright and dark bands throughout their bodies. These colorations give an aesthetic appeal and add to the popularity of these pet snakes. The best thing is these adorable snakes have minimal care requirements and can simply eat rodents or the eggs of different birds. You can keep them in a small enclosure within your apartment.

5. Blue Tongue Skinks

For both children and adults, Blue Tongue Skins could be an excellent lizard to keep as a pet. They are very gentle, and people love their different color variations. Native to Australia, Skinks have body shades ranging from gray to brown with bright eyes. You can feed them fresh fruits and vegetables as they are not picky in their dietary requirements. Above all, they are very less demanding and can make an ideal reptile pet.

Final Verdict

There is a wide list of the popular reptile animals that people keep as pets. Every pet reptile is unique in appearance, personality, and body requirements. Whether you’re finding snakes for sale or pet lizards, you can choose from various options. When provided the proper care and love, these reptiles can be your lifelong best buddies.

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