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5 Must-Know Vape Battery Safety Tips

Around 1 in 20 Americans use vaping devices which shows it’s growing in popularity.

Whether you’re a veteran vaper or a newbie, it’s important to know how to properly charge your device and treat your battery so you’re not at risk. Perhaps you’re unfamiliar with the subject, and you want to learn more about it.

Sounds familiar? Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. Here are five must-know vape battery safety tips to help you.


  1. Use the Right Batteries

One of the most important vape battery safety tips is choosing the right ones for your device. As you browse options, you’ll find there are low-wattage batteries and others designed for sub-ohm vaping, so consider this before you use your vape.

Make sure you read reviews online and stay below your battery’s CDR (otherwise known as a continuous discharge rating). Further, always stay away from counterfeits even if the brand is recognizable. Instead, head to a reliable vendor to buy vape juice and authentic batteries.

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  1. Never Pocket Naked Batteries

A crucial rule, after learning how to vape, is to never pocket loose batteries. Every vaper knows how frustrating it is to have no battery mid-vape, but never carry extra batteries in your pocket. This is because it exposes the terminals to any conductor close to it like your keys or coins.

Instead, invest in a battery case so that your batteries are protected.


  1. Avoid Extreme Temperatures

If you’re after vaping for beginner tips, know to avoid extreme temperatures. Being in the heat strains your batteries which will half their lifespan, while colder climates can affect the battery’s capacity.

As a general rule, store your batteries in a cool, dry place so they’re in a safe temperature range. That’s around 50 to 115 degrees Fahrenheit.


  1. Never Leave Your Vape Charging Unattended

Aside from getting the best vape juice, avoid leaving your vape charging overnight. Like every electronic device, there’s always a risk of the charger sparking and potentially causing a fire.

To stay safe, keep the charger in the same room, so you can monitor it.


  1. Always Use the Right Charger

Although it’s tempting to get a cheap charger for your vape, never do this. A faulty charger can ruin the battery by overcharging or undercharging it, thereby reducing its lifespan.

When you’re charger shopping, consider the output and output so you can figure out how much energy your battery can withstand with no issues.


Our Vape Battery Safety Tips 

Hopefully, after reading this article, you now know about vape battery safety.

Make sure you use the right battery for your device, never get a cheap charger, and monitor your vape when it’s charging. You should also invest in a battery case and avoid using your vape in extreme temperatures as it could ruin the device. Happy vaping!

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