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5 Reasons Wireless Bras Are Great for Large Breasts

If you have a large bust, you may believe that you have to wear an underwire bra to achieve the proper support. This is not true. A wireless bra can be just as supportive as one that has built-in underwires. Plus, it can be significantly more comfortable. If you have large breasts, here are five reasons that you should give wireless bras a try.

1. Provide More Support Than They Seem

The reason that underwire bras are recommended for large breasts is that the wire provides more support to the breasts. Supposedly, this keeps them from drooping and takes pressure off the muscles of your back responsible for supporting your breasts and keeping you upright.

However, the cups of your bra, whether they contain underwires or not, bear only a fraction of the responsibility for supporting your breasts. It’s actually the under-band that provides the most support. The best wireless support bras for large breasts have wide bands made of strong, supportive material that is still soft and comfortable. These bands prevent breast tissue from gravitating downward, which would be their natural inclination without a bra.

2. Ultimate Comfort

The underwires used in bras are sometimes made of metal. Even if the wires are fairly thin, this is a heavy material that can weigh your bra down. As a result, the straps of your bra may dig into the skin of your shoulders. This can cause discomfort and potential chafing as the straps slide over your skin.

Sometimes the underwires are made of plastic. While this is a lighter material, it can still be uncomfortable to wear. Underwires of either material may poke into your skin. The tissue of your breasts is very sensitive, and this can cause pain, especially if the underwires come loose from their padding.

Bras without underwires don’t cause any of these problems and are generally more comfortable. However, even a wireless bra may not be very comfortable or provide adequate support if it is the wrong size. Taking a bra fit quiz can help you find a wireless bra that is the right size for you.

3. More Natural Fit

A wireless bra has cups that are flexible and soft. These mold more naturally to the shape of your breasts for a more natural fit. By contrast, wires hold the cups in a particular shape which may or may not match the shape of your breasts.

4. Better for Longer Wear

The longer you wear an underwire bra, the more uncomfortable it can become. If you have to wear a bra for a long stretch of time, e.g., 12 hours or more, a wireless bra can be much more comfortable.

5. Better Circulation

Rigid wires in a bra can put pressure on your breasts and surrounding tissue. If the pressure is great enough, it can impede your circulation. If your blood flow gets cut off, it means that your body tissues are not receiving as much oxygen as they should.

You should be able to choose the type of bra that fits best, is most comfortable, and provides the most support. Shop online to explore all the bra options available to you.

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