6 Nail Art Designs That Never Go Out of Style

Nail art is one of those things that can really make you stand out. Nail artists take pride in their ability to combine colors, images, and even textures to make the coolest designs around. If you love nail art, you know the hard work that goes into it and probably have a keen appreciation for the artists. You might even dabble in your own nail art from time to time.

Whether you like simple designs with a minimalist look or fancy designs with intricate details and bold colors, here are some nail art designs that always seem to be in style.

1. Cat eye nails

If you’ve been around on Instagram and Pinterest for a while, you’ve probably seen cat eye nails. They’ve become extremely popular recently and it’s a trend that doesn’t seem to be fading.

Cat eye nails are super popular for a reason – they look amazing. If you’ve never tried this style, it’s not what you might expect. If you think of marbles when you hear the term ‘cat eye,’ it’s similar but not the same. The cat eye style gets its name from the line that forms through the middle of the nail that resembles a cat’s eye. This cool nail style is impressive because it uses science to do the work and create the actual cat eye design.

Cat eye gel nail polish contains magnetic particles and when a magnet is held over your freshly painted nails, it causes the magnetic particles to swirl around, creating a really interesting and cool cat eye effect. The lines created in the middle of your polish will turn out differently based on how the magnet is held and moved over your nail. Professional nail artists who work at salons know how to get the best designs, so don’t hesitate to try it out next time you get a manicure.

2. Tiny designs

The best designs are sometimes minimalist and tiny. For instance, a lot of people are leaving their nails plain and placing small, colored hearts in the middle of each nail. Other people choose to paint their nails a neutral, earthy color and add tiny flowers to each nail, often off-center or only a partial flower.

3. Painting only a line by your cuticles

In this interesting trend, people are painting only a thin line of color following the natural curve of their nails right where their cuticles meet their fingers. The rest of their nail is left alone or painted with a glossy, clear coat.

This is an interesting trend because it makes your nails look like they’ve been outlined with a colored marker; it definitely makes your nails stand out.

4. Half-n-half

People have been painting their nails two different colors since nail polish was invented, and this is a trend that is not going away anytime soon. The possibilities with this style are endless, and you can even use five or ten different colors if you want. For instance, you can paint all the nails on your left hand so that all the left sides are black and use different colors on the right. Or, you can paint each side of every nail a completely different color – it’s up to you and what you think will look good.

5. Glitter tips

Who doesn’t love glittery nails? While most people use glitter nail polish to paint their entire nails, it’s still just as common to paint only the tips. With a nice base coat of a neutral color, you can add glitter to just the tips of your nails and they will pop out.

6. Alternating colors

Another style that will always be in is alternating colors. For instance, you can start with painting your thumb nail pink and then alternate between purple and pink. Some people create another variation of this by painting all but one nail the same color on their left hand, and whatever color the last nail is becomes the main color for their right hand. On their right hand, the “odd man out” nail is painted the main color of their left hand.

What’s your favorite nail art style?

With so many styles to choose from, you may as well get creative each time you visit the nail salon. If you start experimenting, you might find your new favorite nail art design.

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