A Third Production of My Big Fat Greek Wedding Is In The Works

The ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding star Nia Vardalos, hinted on her social media channels, that a new instalment to the series is very much underway.

The Greek production and franchise are in the works within Greece, and she happens to be having her way with the creative direction too. This update is believed to have been released after Nia Vardalos, was messaged countless times by fans, hoping for the confirmation that a sequel to the second movie was very well under way.

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As mentioned by Nia Vardalos, the production of the film is underway and is taking place within the Plaka of Athens. While the specific details have not been elaborated on as of yet, what we can say is that the plot will be disclosed sooner rather than later, due to the confirmation of the sequels pending release. Fans will be well aware that this third instalment comes more than 6 years later, with the second instalment ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2’ being released in 2016.

Nia Vardalos did star in the second instalment of the movie series, alongside her co-stars John Corbett, Michael Constantine and Lainie Kazan. However, many are wondering how the third instalment will be like, and if all co-stars will be appearing in the third movie. Up until just recently, Glamour magazine did manage to squeeze more details out of the upcoming release, and it is confirmed that Nia will be returning amongst the popular cast and crew members from previous releases.

While Michael Constantine did unfortunately pass away in 2021, the storyline will obviously make the following changes accordingly. Toula’s mother in the movies, however, is confirmed to come back for the next movie, and at the age of 82 we can say that many are celebrating her return despite her age.


What will the movie be about this time?

Through careful speculation and shadowing of Nia’s social media platforms, Glamour does believe that the movie will be about the family travelling back to their homeland Greece. A family trip can always bring out drama, romances, and beautiful memories, so we have every confidence that this movie will most likely be a really good soul-feed kind of narrative, and definitely climax above previous movies.

But with the passing of Constantine, it will be very likely to honour his role within the franchise thus far, a funeral for Gus will be very likely to take place within the film, as Toula’s first movie showcased the importance of family and togetherness, so it would make complete sense that Nia would want to take that route within the movie, as the rest of the story unfolds.

While details of a release are still waiting for a release, we will remind you how the second film actually went about. Ian and Toula happened to renew their vows after getting married in the first film, released in 2002. Additionally, we saw Maria and Gus get remarried too, with their fellow grandchildren growing up and heading out to college. Could the third film be following the footsteps of Toula’s younger daughter Paris, and how she ultimately falls head over heels in love too? Suppose we will just have to wait and see, but the anticipation for some juicy details is certainly building. Let’s hope Nia’s creative direction can take this franchise forward to new heights and entertaining climbs.



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