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Abby Nissenbaum | “Real Friends”

Nashville-based indie-pop artist Abby Nissenbaum makes a poignant return with her latest track, "Real Friends."

Nashville-based indie-pop artist Abby Nissenbaum makes a poignant return with her latest track, “Real Friends.”

Following a string of singles in 2023 that garnered Nissenbaum attention from influential music magazines, this new release continues to showcase her honest, emotion-driven songwriting and talent for crafting musically captivating yet irresistibly catchy tracks. Nissenbaum’s emotive, luminous vocal performances draw inspiration from 60s female rock singers and meld seamlessly with contemporary indie-alt rock elements, creating a distinct and captivating sound that rightfully earns her the praise she receives.

“Real Friends” is built on a minimal, yet effective backdrop of layered e-bow and finger-picked guitar, allowing Abby’s yearning, heartfelt vocals to shine at the forefront. Engineered by Jonny Ullman and produced by Steph Trivison, the track captures a captivating fragility and rawness as Abby navigates the complexities of fractured friendships. As the song builds towards its climactic finale, subtle additions of bass and kick drums envelop the track in layers of ethereal backing vocals.

Discussing the inspiration behind the song, Abby shares: “‘Real Friends’ delves into the complicated and discordant emotions tied to people who were once significant in your life but are no longer present. The song touches on themes of betrayal, backstabbing, and broken trust. Someone once bluntly remarked to me that individuals who engage in such hurtful behavior aren’t true friends; they’re just ‘some motherfuckers you know.’ This statement, though straightforward, provided a moment of levity during a challenging period and serves as a reminder that while you can’t erase the past, you can relegate those who have caused harm to the category of ‘terrible individuals that I happen to know.’”

“Real Friends” is out now.

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