Swedish artist Adée brings a distinct tenderness with her new album, Call My Mom.

On her third album, Adée creates a through-line throughout every song. In particular, the album’s title track Call My Mom is shaped around mothers and the women who shape our lives. With releases across the past few years, Call My Mom is the catalyst of everything she’s released prior. It’s equal parts tender and emotional, a story in which she aches for the guidance of her own mother after becoming a mother herself.

1883 chats with Adée about Call My Mom, using writing as a form of therapy, and more.


What was it about music that made you want to pursue it as a career?

Music has been extremely important for me in my everyday life since I was a kid, especially songwriting after finding how powerful it can be to process things you are going through with it. It became a very natural thing to pursue it as a career since it was already a big part of my life and I’m today so thankful to say that most of my time is spent in music, but sometimes I doubt it because making a living from it puts other kinds of pressure on my relationship with music but I think after 10 years I’ve found a good balance.


Call My Mom is a powerful track. What is the inspiration and creative process behind it?

When my grandmother died a long time ago my mother told me that the most heartbreaking part was that she couldn’t call her mom to ask for advice or just tell her when something fun had happened. When I became a mother myself I realized how happy I am with my relationship with my mom but at the same time I couldn’t ask her to help me or “just pick me up” in the same way as before now when I carry the responsibilities as a mother myself. Kirsten Joy who sings this song with me could relate and it felt so good to talk to her about motherhood and that we both share that feeling.


It’s a quite honest and open track, are you ever hesitant about exposing yourself through songwriting or is it a form of therapy for you?

I breathe and live through songwriting and I think when you dare to be open enough other people can relate and feel more. At the same time it’s always so scary to expose myself because it makes me vulnerable but I think good things can come from that.


What did you learn about yourself while writing and recording it?

Digging deep emotionally when writing a song is always hard and sometimes I don’t realize the meaning with my lyrics until later in the process. I learned a lot about my relationship with my own mother while working on this song, and since I grew up with her (my dad died when I was 12) I realize now when I’m a mother myself what massive load of responsibility she carried. I am so thankful for that and I want to be as good as a mom for my son.


It was produced by Joakim Buddee and co-written with Swedish pop duo Isle Of You. What was it like working with this group of creatives?

These people are just amazing in so many ways. Joakim and I have worked a lot together since my first EP which he co-wrote and produced in 2013, he is a close friend but I’m also a huge fan of what he does so it was an honor to have him on this project! It was the first time to write with Isle Of You but they are so talented and I hope to work more with them in the future.


What are some artists and tracks that influenced the song?

We had a lot of different influences to this track but one that especially influenced the “lalala” BVs was BJ The Chicago kids track “Snowflakes”. Other than that I take a lot of inspiration from artists Chance the rapper, Swedish singer Seinabo Sey and Birmingham stars like Reuben James & guitarist Tom Ford.


What 3 songs would you choose to soundtrack your perfect day?

This would variate a lot from day to day but today it would look like this; Sweet Life – Frank Ocean

Erykah Badu’s live version of Chaka Khan’s Stay

So Cool – Reuben James


Lastly, what can we expect next from you?

Next year I’m celebrating 10 years as an artist under the name “Adée” and I will release my fourth album which goes under the workname “SAFARI”. I also hope to do a little extra touring due to the 10 years since I went on my first US tour, maybe it would be cool to come back to the US again. I’m also writing original music for an arts-performance that will have its premier in Sweden in September 2023. So a lot will be happening and I’m so thankful for that!


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