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Basic theory on how to increase number of followers on Instagram

It will take a lot of work to promote your Instagram in 2021. Today, over a billion users are registered on the social network, and everyone wants to get as many followers as possible. Different methods are used – from targeting to advertising with bloggers.

Even if you are far from new strategies, do not despair and raise a white flag. In this article, we will tell you the latest updates on promoting how to promote anything on Instagram, and also reveal to you a few secrets for creating a successful profile.


What you need to know about Instagram

Let’s go over the theory first. It’s worth noting that Instagram has changed a lot over the past two years. Firstly, new advertising opportunities have appeared, and, secondly, the audience of the social network has become more conscious and demanding. The algorithm also has changed a lot. Before everything was public but now users want to have a private profile so Instagram has allowed the option. Users can choose to have a public profile or private. If you are wondering, How to view private instagram profiles then just to let you know that anyone can send a follow request to follow any private profile.

Alas, no one has accurate data on the structure and size of the Instagram audience. The press service of the social network comes out of the shadows and provides users with any specific numbers only if the indicators reach a round mark.

2017 was marked by the “maturation” of the audience and the active penetration of the social network into the regions. For example, in 2016, there were 58.6% more young people (13-34 years old), but every year this gap is only narrowing.

Instagram is really showing good sales results. If you are a businessman who wants to present yourself to as many buyers as possible, feel free to download the application and create an account.


Current limits

In order not to fall out of favor with Instagram, you need to know about the existing limits. On the page for developers in the Limits section, it says that the number of unsubscriptions and subscriptions per hour should not exceed 200. There are no other official restrictions on the social network.

Limit on the number of subscriptions. Since 2013, you can only subscribe to 7,500 profiles (both open pages and subscription requests are counted).

Limits on the number of actions. Until November 2015, there were strict restrictions on Instagram: 60 subscriptions / unsubscriptions and 60 likes per hour. True, in December, the management of the social network decided to close the official API, but the number of permitted actions did not change.

They remain so to this day, but with minor amendments: in 2018, Instagram strengthened its automatic system for monitoring user activity, so now almost every follower can get into a block if its speed exceeds 30-40 actions per hour.


For such cases, Instagram has 4 types of punishments :

  • If your activity is too high, be prepared for a temporary blockage , which can last from 15 minutes to 2 days.
  • For added security, Instagram periodically asks for confirmation by SMS, mail or in the application.
  • Copyright infringement, erotic content, propaganda of suicidal attempts, discrimination based on race and other inappropriate content are guaranteed to lead to immediate removal of the post .
  • Deleting an account is an extreme measure that is triggered in case of copyright infringement of major brands and in case of excessive activity of a “fresh” profile.

Also, there are rumors among users about the existence of shadow ban . This is when your posts go down in the feed, and posts stop showing by hashtags. True, the leadership of Instagram completely denies the “shadow ban“, calling this phenomenon another invention of paranoid users.

But some Facebook support agents casually hint that shadow ban is a very real phenomenon, and for any disobedience the user runs the risk of going into the depths of algorithmic issuance. So who do you believe? Rather, it is a philosophical question that so far remains without a concrete answer.


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