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Ben Affleck’s Career: The gambling addiction, alcohol abuse and divorce

What happened with Ben Affleck’s Career?

Are you wondering what happened to Ben Affleck’s career and if he will ever be coming back to mainstream movies? It’s puzzling how fast Ben’s career took a nosedive because it was going so well. Only recently, he played Batman in one of the biggest action movies of all time in the Justice League.

Movie star lifestyles are not what they always appear to be looking in from the outside. When you go deeper into their lives, you’ll see there are secrets. In this case, Ben Affleck had a gambling problem that could have been the cause of the downward trajectory for his career. Please keep reading to learn more about the actor and why his career might be over if he doesn’t change.

The gambling problems might be the cause

Some thoroughly documented scandals indicate that he had a massive gambling problem that caused him to be banned from playing blackjack at the Rock Casino in Vegas. The ban was because he counted cards, which is not allowed at casino establishments, but it’s also not illegal. However, casino operators reserve the right to ban players if they suspect card counting.

The celebrity status of Ben Affleck means he can get into most poker games. People would love to play with him – especially the professionals. They see him as an easy target to earn winnings and that’s what happened at Molly Bloom’s poker games at the Viper Room.

Those poker games were part of a Ponzi scheme, but Ben Affleck walked away from the affair without being a victim of the fraud. However, he did lose a lot of money at the poker tables, which fueled his addiction to return and win it all back. The amount lost is hard to say because winnings and losses in private games are not tracked.

Alcohol and Divorce

Ben Affleck met Jennifer Garner on the set of Pearl Harbor in 2020, where they hit it off and eventually married. However, Ben Affleck has a history of alcohol abuse that reared its ugly head during the marriage. It’s a reason for the divorce and the alcohol abuse continued long after.

Alcohol abuse is a serious issue for people of all walks of life – including superstar actors and their lifestyle. He went into rehab several times to combat the problem, but eventually the actor kept returning to the bottle.

Why can scandals ruin an actor’s career?

Scandals such as gambling and alcohol addiction do not help actors land jobs. High-profile actors like Ben Affleck have friends in high places, which means they have an easier time working in high-profile movies. However, film companies that invest huge fortunes into a movie don’t want to risk an actor’s success linked to scandals.

What if the actor has a breakdown before the movies shooting phase is over? It would be a huge setback for the film company and the other actors working on that movie. Therefore actors that are involved in scandals tend not to get work in the future.

Final thoughts – how is Ben Affleck now?

It’s no secret that his gambling addiction almost derailed his acting career in the past. However, he has been very honest about his mistakes and now has several good roles that fans can enjoy. He will appear in the eagerly awaited Zack Snyder’s Justice League cut as Batman and will also play the same character in The Flash.

Ben Affleck’s rebound into the film industry shows that you can overcome a gambling addiction and get your career back on track. However, let’s keep an eye on Ben Affleck’s career to see if he has future problems with a gambling addiction relapse.

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