Best hairstyles and options for balding men

Many men all around the world have the problem of going bald, which only gets worse over time as they get older. It becomes a challenge for such men when they get a haircut, since they often feel self-conscious and embarrassed about their receding hair line and bald spots.

Hair stylists have tried to come up with some ways to cut and style hair so that a man can look his best even if his hair is thinning and he is balding. There are some new and popular trends for men today, including the fade haircut and slicked back hair.

The fade is designed so that the top part of the hair looks thicker and then fades down the sides and back ( There are several different types of fades that have come about which a man can choose from. These are all considered fashionable and can help take the focus away from the fact that a man is balding.

The taper fade haircut is achieved by a barber cutting the hair gradually shorter on the sides of the head downwards. The idea is that your barber is tapering your hair downwards into the neck region. This is quite a popular haircut for many men in 2019.

Fades can be high or low, with high fades being when hair is cut very short high up the sides of the head so that there is a more noticeable difference between the top layer of hair and the sides. A low fade is when it is more gradual with hair not as short nearer the top sides of the head.

Another good option for balding men with receding hairlines is to slick back their hair so that they have a noticeable widow’s peak. This is quite a good look for hair that is thinning, and often can make a man look very handsome.

The other option that some men choose is to have a comb over with a side part.  This hairstyle can work well if you have thinning of hair in the temples and at the hairline.


Other options for balding men

There are other options for men who are noticeably going bald, such as trying ways to regrow the missing hair. Prescription creams with ingredients of minoxidil or finasteride can be tried, and various other options such as PRP therapy can also be tried to stimulate hair growth. There is also a low-level laser light treatment that can give promising results and helps to also trigger hair follicle growth.

Hair transplant surgeries such as the FUE and DHI are available, although the DHI is still relatively new. Not every man qualifies for a hair transplant though, and some men may simply choose to shave off all their hair and be totally bald.  It is important to learn Holding a razor correctly if you plan on doing it yourself. The problem with being bald is that you have a problem with your head becoming sunburnt in hot weather, but of course, a man can wear a hat or sunblock on such days. To sum up, there are many options for a man, even if he is losing his hair.



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