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What to Wear to a Wedding

As late spring/summer comes, calendars are getting filled up with weddings. It seems as though every Saturday in May through September, there is a wedding involving someone you know.

With all of these weddings, it can be tempting to wear the same sundress you’ve worn to everyone’s wedding, but do not worry, because below are ideas of what you can wear to a wedding, whether it’s your college roommate’s or your best friend’s cousin’s.


Before you plan out your outfit, you should know what NOT to wear. First things first, you should never wear white. Out of respect to the bride and her big day, not wearing white should be obvious, yet you would be shocked to see how many people do not follow that rule. Basically, what you wear is not supposed to outshine the bride, groom, or any bridal party member. Stay away from denim, sheer material, plunging necklines, or anything else that could draw too much of the attention to you.

Midi Dresses

One of the easiest, cutest options is to go for a midi dress. Midi dresses typically fall to the middle of your shins, allowing you to pair the dress with gorgeous heels, flats, or sandals. Stay away from wearing any boot with midi dresses, however, as they tend to look awkward compared to the length of the dress.


Another easy fashion option is a jumpsuit. Jumpsuits offer the comfort of wearing pants, allowing you to hit the dance floor like no one else, while also giving you a glamorous look. You can dress up jumpsuits with tons of accessories and heels, or you can dress them down with sandals and a simpler makeup look so that you can wear this outfit more than once. Nordstrom is one of the best places to find the jumpsuit that perfectly fits you, and you can buy it cheaply with a Nordstrom coupon code.

Stylish Cutouts

If you like to add a little bit of skin to your outfit, there are ways to achieve the look without overdoing it. Opt for stylish cutouts instead of rips, intentional or not, to remain classy, yet have a little flair to your fashion. Cutouts around the waist, neck, and shoulders are all trendy now, so finding a stylish cutout that suits your body is easier than ever before.


If you are a glittery type of person, it can be tempting to wear a sparkly outfit, even though those tend to outshine the bride. If you insist on having some texture, subtle ruffles can be the perfect substitute for that little splash of extra fashion.


While staying away from white is essential, you should also stay away from colors that can look white, such as a pale blue or cream. If you don’t want to go all out with colors, you can stick with pinks, neutrals, yellows, or any other pastel color. If you follow this simple dress code, dressing for weddings is no stress at all.

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